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4hrs of Silicone Valley on Super Tires

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  • 4hrs of Silicone Valley on Super Tires

    On June 17th we ran our annual endurance race. This year was only a 4 hour event. We had a great afternoon of racing. We had racers in from Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. 16 racers in all. Met several new friends/customers. Everyone drove like champs and fun was had by all. Here are a few pictures. You can see video on our YouTube channel. Bruce and Kurt took 1st, John and Darrell took 2nd and Jamie and Steve N. took 3rd.

    The first couple years were run on silicone tires. The last 2 years were run on urethane tires because the silicone was leaving a build up over thousands of laps. This messed with the brushes. This years event was run using the new Super Tires for Carrera D124 silicone tires. The tires performed flawlessly. Best of all, NO silicone build up to clog the brushes. I don't think my team cleaned our braids once during the race.

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