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  • Aurora Hot Rod Tires

    My club races a couple of classes that use the Aurora Hot Rod chassis. We have a Jalopy class.....

    and a vintage Indy class......

    The rear tires must be at least 0.460 inches in diameter and 0.150 inches wide. The Super Tires Hot Rod tires, HR 430s, are too small in diameter, so I use tires by another make that have been sanded down. I was advised that Tyco 460R tires (460 X 275) could be cut to narrow them down and there are also AFX Low Pro 460Rs (460 X 215) that are a little wide. It would be nice if there was a Super Tire that was the perfect size. I know that there are a number of other clubs that race similar cars, so I was wondering if there was enough of a demand for these tires to justify coming out with a new size.
    If you are interested please post something.