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  • Product feedback Thread

    Hi All,
    This Thread is for feedback on any of my products. I am always looking for ways to improve my products or to find new uses for them. This would also be a great place for you to show how you used the guide modifiers.
    Bob Novack
    B-NOVA models
    [email protected]

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    Hello Bob,

    The Carrera guide kits arrived last week. I have to say that these kits are great. Quick and easy to install and they work perfectly. Anyone looking to replace the stock Carrera guide set up should consider these.

    Thanks again,


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      Hi Bob,

      The first car i decided to do was a SCX Subaru rally car, i would start with a difficult car...!!! i discovered that the retainer ring did not fit because of the grill moulded on to the chassis. i cut the ring in half and it fitted fine, set the ride height and glued it all together. the gaps where the ring was cut away i filled in with a bit of Bicarb and superglue...!!
      This modification transformed the car, it is now flat and solid on the track. i used a Ninco pro guide without any problems.
      Great product.


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        B-Nova on an Scaley...

        Ok, I have installed a B-Nova GM-002 on my Scaley MG Lola.
        Followed the on-line instructions, drilled the hole in a block of wood. Glued the chassis chassis to the wood. Drilled the chassis with the 3/4 inch bit. (That part made me a bit apprehensive...) Everything went fine.
        I have a Slot-it guide in and wired... Now I need to take it to the track to try it...


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          I just used the replacement kit for Carrera cars on my McLaren Can Am. I replaced part of the chassis with .080 styrene, JB Welded into place. Did the 3/4" hole, fitted the ring, and guide holder. Worked perfectly! I only did the chassis so I could put a solid axle in front. I'm not much on stub axles.


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            Product feedback...

            Received a supply of Scalextric B-Nova guide modifiers and some Addedtude motor adaptors to try out, its my first time trying the Addedtudes, I have used the guide modifiers before with great results.
            I just modded up a Scalextric Mini today with and Slotting Plus running gear, and used a B-Nova guide modifier, I used the middle size 1/16.
            It was dead easy to do this time around as I had used these before.

            The main benefit I find in using the guide modifier instead of the stock guide is that the car sits lower and flatter on the track and the braids on the guide make a nice smooth contact with the track rails, this creates a smoother to drive Car and you get less de-slots.

            I also tried an Addedtude motor adaptor in a Scalextric Porsche 956KH set up anglewinder with an orange can motor.
            The adaptor was easy to fit and I used some 8mm M2 hex screws to fix the motor to the pod, the motor was mounted the by the can end.
            If using the new "EVO6 motor pods" you will have to remove a little piece of plastic from one of the tabs on the Addedtude with an x-acto knife or similar to get the Addedtude to fit a "EVO 6 pod", you don't need to cut off all the tab - just cut off about half of the one that catches on the pod and then it will fit fine.
            With the right size tyres on my Car and a little time spent on the tune up/set up I was ready to roll, this is the best I have ever managed to get my Porsche 956KH to run set up "in the anglewinder configuration" with magnet in Car, on my track, I am very pleased with the result.

            Thanks Bob.


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              Installed 3 B-Nova addaptors in1 SCX old Nascar and 2 SXC COT. Since my track is down I'll have ti see how they perform in the Forums Cup. Installation was a breeze after you glue the chassis down and cut your hole.
              Thanks a bunch.