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  • Carrera adapters - tips

    For the Ferrari 458 Italia, I used two of the rings (one on the top of the chassis and one under the chassis). The chassis is thick enough, because there's a reinforcing ring molded on the inside/top, to let this work; it should be far stronger than using one ring. On my Ferrari, I used SlotingPlus .6mm eccentric bushings for the front to raise the wheels and lower the nose. With BWA 18" LMP wheels on the front wearing Scalextric Lola LMP tires, I found that the guide holder itself will end up flush with the top ring's flange, if you use a guide & braid and two .010 Prof. Motor stainless steel bushings for the guide itself. I have some pictures on the "Tech" subforum.

    For the Cobras, one ring glued in from the top was fine. The chassis is thinner than the Ferrari's, without a reinforcing ring molded in. For wheels matching the stock wheel/tire combination, and the guide/bushing/braid noted above, the guide holder went all the way down until the top was flush with the ring's flange. I use Bob Smith Industries cyanacrylate glue, the thin SuperGold to wick into the joints and the thick SuperGold+ to make fillets (both are non-blooming, i.e., no white stuff afterwards), set with accelerator.

    The B-NOVA adapter is a truly great after-market product!
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    Some pics of those modded Carreras (with new running gear and motors):