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    Is the website under construction? I can get to the front page and contact page, but the various scale pages won't load.


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      No, the site is there, doing a little page maintenance. Will be back up soon.


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        Recd my pair today. Will be going on a 956 for a trial.

        Thank you.


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          Got mine, too... just need to clear a few other projects away first. :\


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            Mine arrive for my 917, thanks! Will be mounting and testing out soon.

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              Received mine too.... Thanks


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                Received mine. They fit the Vintage Monogram wheels. Only had a chance to make a short run with them. They work well on my track, Carrera.




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                  I received my tires today...many thanks. I ordered a set to fit the Scaley Brabham/Ferrari Sharknose, and the mold quality is excellent, I have not tried them yet (they need to be mounted /trued), and will be used on my entry for this years VRAA proxy. I will certainly provide a performance report once testing starts.

                  Again, many thanks.

                  Chris Walker


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                    They're nicely made, eh? Just got mine today too, thanks Monte!

                    They're nicely made, very professional, great fit on the wheel.

                    Good work, eh?


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                      I am kidvoltage's partner in BOSA Tires. I hope by now you all have received your tires, and we hope they meet your expectations and work well for you. We are trying to provide racers and slot car enthusiasts with a tire product that might fill some of the gaps between what is currently available from other vendors. We use a compound that has been tested on our tracks here locally and has proved to be a winning combination. Local racers are using our tires with great success on routed as well as plastic tracks, so our tires are well tested.

                      All the tires we produce are individually inspected for fit and finish. We do some detail work on the tires after the molding process to try to improve the tires overall look for racers that like more detail.

                      We are very interested in getting feedback from our customers so we can further improve our product and provide racers with exactly what they are looking for. Any comments you may have, positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated!

                      Thanks! ======Bill @ BOSA Tires


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                        Hello Bill and all at Bosa.

                        I received a pr. of tires (Scaley Ferrari 156/Cooper) that I plan to test/use for the 2016/17 VRAA series. Upon first inspection, the molding process appears very good with no bubbles, a very good finish to the outside of the tire (better than average on the inside), and a very good reproduction of the original tread pattern. The tread pattern will no doubt be ground off during the truing/sizing process, but, for anyone wishing to leave it intact for a shelf queen version, it is very well reproduced.

                        The inside of the tire was very clean (no urethane blobs), which is much appreciated as it certainly saves time, and the initial test mounting resulted in a fairly true running tire, again, a testament to the mold/pour/cure process.

                        Glued and mounted, the tire hit the hudy, and the truing process was easy (as with all urethanes), and I was pleased to discover no bubbles as the truing continued.......after polishing and edge rounding, the tires were ready to go.

                        They were tested on both wood and Carrera plastic (Scaley to come), and performance was virtually identical to the 3 other urethane brands I frequently use. The Bosa tires did achieve the quickest lap of the test, but it was only by a hair, and only one lap, with the 10/20 lap averages being nearly,....will they run away from the competition?......likely not.........are they competitive?...absolutely!........would I recommend them?........based on their fit/finish/ and performance...definitely!!

                        They will be going on my VRAA entry this year!!

                        Good job Bosa!

                        Chris Walker

                        PS The tests were completed on 2 wood tracks (one braided, one taped), both with flat latex paint, quality power supplies, at 10.5 volts........and 1 fast and well used 90ft. Carrera track, again with solid power and at 10.5 volts


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                          Thank you Chris, we really appreciate the feedback!

                          [email protected] Tires


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                            I tried my free pair of Bosa tires for CB 10x15 hubs and they are fantastic tires. What a pleasant surprise! My track is a flat latex track surface and Yellow Dogs are king......ahead of PG tires (extensive racing and testing show the results). Well this pair of tires were just as hooked up as my best, totally hooked up!!....very pleased with the results. I'm excited to try more of these Bosa tires out, is there a website coming?

                            Thanks guys!


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                              Thanks Rob.

                              You can find us here:



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                                I have tested one pair of my Ninco Classic style tyres on one of my Tasman Cup Cars, on my Routed track they are better than the PG extremes and almost as good as my one Tasssie 30 shore tyres that were developed for this track. I now intend to fit the other pair to a slightly heavier IPS car and see how they go.