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Decals from C&R Racing: Ferrari 166MMs

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  • Decals from C&R Racing: Ferrari 166MMs

    C&R042: (Nope, didn't skip a number, don't have an 041 yet...) The Ferrari 166MM ran in a whole lot of different colors and with a whole lot of different numbers. Even if you don't race an MEV 166MM (for which these decals are made), you get a lot of numbers...

    The #20 (white number, red car) won the 1949 Spa race, piloted by Luigi Chinetti. The number that went on the rear actually went on a small red fin on the rear deck. I made one of these: not at all easy, but it is possible.

    The #6 is a dark blue car, and the number on the front goes on the right front bumper...very odd And a black roundel on a blue car might be hard to see, so choose your blue wisely.

    The number #40 is shown by different diecast models as either yellow or orange. The number on the rear deck goes on a fin (like on the Chinetti car): this fin is black. The number without the roundel goes on the nose.

    In case you don't want to try that fin thing, you can use the extra 40 or 20.

    Also extra is the #41 Lotus 11 (MEV body) that the uncle of a co-worker raced in Hawaii. His name was Hap Allen, and he named the car "Lady": they're all there, in white, and they look great on the dark blue body. And extra Ferrari nameplates...

    Don't feel obligated to use these on the bodies for which they were designed: have some fun with them.

    I'm retired now, so buy lots.