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Decals from C&R Racing: Porsche 917 #11

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  • Decals from C&R Racing: Porsche 917 #11

    C&R048: Herb Wetanson's hamburger shops hit the area on Long Island where I lived before McDonald's or Burger King or even White Castle. On special Friday nights, my dad would take the family out for 10-cent burgers. Then I found out that Wetanson also raced cars. I photographed his roadster Porsche Carrera 6 at Bridgehampton in 1966. In the early 2010s, I finally managed to talk to him at Laguna Seca. He told me that the car was converted to a roadster because the plastic rear window blew out in testing...converting it to open-top was the easiest solution. You can see my photo of that car if you search on Herb's full name.

    And that has almost nothing to do with this decal. The only commonality is that Wetson's sponsored this Porsche 917, driven at Monza (1970) by David Piper and the late Tony Adamowicz. The car isn't really red, more of a pomegranate color, but red works OK. The canted numbers on the rear fender are supposed to be that way.

    The large 5, 6, and 7 were an experiment: no real cars ran these. The #7 in the stripes are another experiment. Some day, I'll dummy up some body or another to see how they look.

    I'm retired now, so buy lots...