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Decals from C&R Racing: Gelo Porsche 917-10

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  • Decals from C&R Racing: Gelo Porsche 917-10

    C&R049: Similarities between the livery on this car and on the Penske cars are obvious. Georg Loos drove and entered lots of cars in lots of racing series. This was a car he drove in the 1973 European Interserie, the resting place for a lot of CanAm cars. And also a source of some really cool cars and liveries. The BOERI Porsches in their bright green, for example.

    But this one has the same stripes, and even the same number at the same size, as the Penske car. For me to convert this, then, to a Penske car would be pretty easy: so why haven't I done so? Because somebody else already has those for sale...

    Paint your Aurora 917-10 red and slap these opaque decals on and go racing against the Brumos version, the L&M version, Aurora's RCCola version, and the C&R Bosch versions (C&R029). Did I forget any?

    I'm retired now, so buy lots...