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Decals from C&R Racing: 1960 LeMans Corvette

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  • Decals from C&R Racing: 1960 LeMans Corvette

    C&R055: I don't think anyone is going to say that the Tjet 1960 Corvette or its AFX (and maybe Tyco) cousin (is that really a driver in there?) is a good-looking racer, but the real car has a history. So here is the decal that can turn them into something that looks better. And if you use the Tjet version as a static car--no top plate, or use the JL pull-back chassis--this might work for you.

    I was going to do all four cars, but I've held back the #1/#2 sheet to see how well this sheet sells. The #3 is the John Fitch/Bob Grossman car: it finished 8th (first in class). The #4 Camoradi car of Lilley and Gamble didn't run enough laps to be classified (10th on track).

    If you like Camoradi cars, I also have the 1962 Maserati 151s of McLaren/Hansgen (C&R071) and Kimberley/Thompson (C&R055).

    I'm retired now, so buy lots,