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Decals from C&R Racing: Porsche 962 #4

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  • Decals from C&R Racing: Porsche 962 #4

    C&R061: A version of the Camel 962 raced by a bunch of guys you might never have heard of in the 1988 Le Mans 24 hr. Manuel Reuter is well known, Walter Lechner not so much, and Franz Hunkeler probably not at all. But the car is a classic: bright yellow (Camel yellow), blue Camel graphics...gotta love it.

    This was, I think, my first attempt at making decals for the glass. My other Camel Porsche didn't have it. But I also included just the front window "shade" for modelers who might prefer black glass.

    No extra stuff on this one: too much necessary material.

    I've not posted about my decals because the Sharks were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs (I posted during the games) and because I spent a few weeks in upstate NY buying the house I intend to retire to. The 1000sqft basement gives me plenty of room to rebuild my track, and I'll have more time to draw more decals. So really...

    I'm retired now, so buy lots...