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  • Welcome to Chase Cars.

    I would like to welcome Chase Cars to SCI.

    The Police cars is absolutely fantastic fun to drive. Look for more new items to be annouced here soon.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Hi, to explain what goes into my cars, here's the best place to start.


    I make a chassis, and various bodyshells. The chassis can fit under all my bodyshells plus of course lots of others you might want to give that '70s vibe.

    I'll add pictures to these soon, but my own bodyshells are:

    1971 Moonshine Runner (Plymouth Roadrunner)

    1971 Muscle Car (Ford Mustang Mach 1)

    1972 Bad Guys’ Black Limo (Cadillac)

    1974 Ex Police Car (Blues Brothers Dodge)

    1975 P.I. Car (Jim Rockford's Pontiac Firebird Esprit)

    1976 Chicago Police Car (Dodge police car, to go with Blues Brothers)

    1977 Sheriff’s Car (Dodge Monaco, Dukes of Hazzard Sheriff's car)

    1979 Jeep (Perfect for chasing the A Team's van)

    1981 Van (A Team)

    1982 Pickup truck (Fall Guy)

    More to be added soon, for any more information PM me or have a look at
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      Definitely worth checking this stuff out. Very interesting.


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        Ohhhh my.... There goes my slot car budget!!