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Adapting an old bodyshell to Chase-Cars chassis

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  • Adapting an old bodyshell to Chase-Cars chassis

    If you browse internet auction sites, there are a huge number of slot cars that shouldn’t corner like a kart. You can adapt one to fit my chassis and keep the donor car’s wheels. The first one I did used a Scalextric Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino.

    Here's the one I found

    Make up the motor pod to check for rear axle width. Because of the Scalextric wheels I needed a wider axle

    I cut the interior to give enough space for the chassis

    The interior is clipped in place (and held in with tape later) and the resin bodyshell posts are glued in. This chassis is an older one, current chassis is quicker to assemble but works the same and fits in the same way

    I cut up the front and rear sections of the original chassis because they hold the light units in place

    And now Zebra 3 is ready to go!

    Want to see it go?


    There are some great 1:32 scale model kits crying out for conversion to a slot car, here are a Ford Thunderbird and Cadillac which look perfect on this chassis

    This is how they look from underneath

    Here’s another kit which was adapted by someone with more talent than me, a Carrera Chevy Bel Air

    A Revell Mercedes 220, with chase-cars chassis

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