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1st generation AMC Matador

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  • bkrownd
    started a topic 1st generation AMC Matador

    1st generation AMC Matador

    You didn't start a thread for this one yet. I finally have some of this boxy muscley 1970-ish goodness on my desk. I'm going to look into transforming one of them into a passable coupe if I can find the right putty or epoxy to rework the back part of the top.

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  • choc-ice
    I'm just starting on a video with this car, here's a few seconds showing how it looks on the track

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  • choc-ice
    You're right, I forgot about this one! Does the coupe have a shorter wheelbase too?

    Here's the sedan I made, an LA police car

    The AMC Matador was probably the most common police car on TV during the 1970s, until the Dodge Monaco came along towards the end of the decade. As with the Monaco, studios purchased cars direct from the police after they had finished their service, LAPD had purchased 534 Matadors for its patrol fleet!

    Patrol officers liked the Matador because of its performance, and it had air conditioning too. After extensive testing of the special police models offered by Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler, the LAPD chose the AMC Matador because they “out handled and out performed all the other cars.” Genuine LAPD cars were supplied in black, so if you see one on TV where metalwork inside the trunk or doors is black, it was probably an ex-police car.

    The 1:32 resin bodyshell is cast from a 2 part mould with body mounts already fitted, the dimensions are

    Length: 162mm
    Width: 61mm
    Wheelbase 95mm
    Weight: 35g

    This is how the first one looked on its chassis, quite a purposeful car I think

    There are custom-made graphics too, any fans of Adam-12 will recognise them

    Every police car I've done so far has needed different roof lights, if I had a production manager he'd kill me. But I like them

    The interior is standard, paint the driver in black and fit it to the normal chase-cars chassis

    Now get after those bad guys!

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