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  • Blues Brothers

    Was it really back in 1980 that this film was released? It's rightly regarded as a classic - the stars, the story, the car chase... and that's without the music!

    When I was developing my first car, the 1977 Dodge Monaco (Hazzard Sheriff's car) a few people asked me about a Blues Brothers car. There was no 1974 Dodge Monaco model kit in 1:32 scale, and the Chicago Police car was even less likely. I found a 3D computer model which looked good, and used it to get a master mold 3D printed.

    The first bodyshells were made as slush casts, but later ones were from 2 part molds so I could get the thickness more consistent and the body posts were already in the right position and the correct height.

    The paintwork is quite simple, it's just a regular black and white color scheme

    More difficult was the graphics, I created them from scratch and got them printed in white, and made a little dirty too.

    I also made up some custom wheel inserts and a new interior with 2 people inside, and a new mold for the resin heads too.

    The Chicago Police car was a 1976 (or 77 sometimes) Dodge Royal Monaco. This is different to the '77 Dodge Monaco I used for the Hazzard Police, but very similar to the Bluesmobile. To make it I created a new front end with turn signals moved and grafted it onto a spare Bluesmobile bodyshell. I used this as a master and made a new silicone mold.

    Another new set of graphics were needed, and a new light bar for the roof

    The wheel inserts are the same as the regular '77 Monaco with dog dish hubcaps, and I reused the windows and interior from the Blues Brothers car. I needed new resin heads, but that was pretty straightforward

    And they look great on the track together!

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    Man you do some awesome stuff!

    "It's got a cop motor, a 440-cubic-inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas."