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  • Smokey and the Bandit

    Back in 1977 there were some movies released, one was called Star Wars Ė it did quite well, perhaps youíve heard of it? The second most successful movie of the year was similar except the Millennium Falcon was replaced by a Firebird TransAm and the weird talking wasnít done by a Wookiee but on a CB radio. Thatís a big ten-four, good buddy.

    Burt Reynolds was the star of the film but Jackie Gleason got all the best lines, and while Bandit's black TransAm achieved superstar status poor old Smokey's car never had a single model kit made of it in any scale, ever. With or without a roof. Until now.

    There have been Firebird kits made before, but if you want a black one you'll have to dig deep as they're very sought after. For this reason chase-cars made a new mould, graphics set and interior to fit on the leaning and steering chassis.

    After watching the film again you'll notice how much time Sally Field spends with her rear pointing at the camera

    Which inspired the slot car's interior.

    More difficult was Sheriff Buford T Justice's Pontiac LeMans, a specially commissioned 3D artist got busy with some photos and once again a 3D printer produced the master model.

    Using SLA technology the roof lights and wheel centres were made then resin cast, and waterslide graphics were designed for the Montague County sheriff's car. Finally a new vacform interior was made with the driver a little fatter than usual.

    Have a look at for details of the bodyshells, the unique chassis and to e-mail about ordering. Remember that nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes Sheriff Buford T. Justice look like a possumís pecker!

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      Video here!



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        Yeah, really cool the video! Nice work

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