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New Product! compatible Anglewinder Pod for FF-050

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    Are these in production?


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      Thanks for the compliments guys.

      Sprinter, I'm glad you commented on the fitment of the motor. We've had some folks say that you must use screws or the motor will pop out/shift, but in all the testing and racing, we've never had a complaint about motors coming loose. We designed all of our pods for a snug fit to eliminate the use of extra hardware. No need to worry about losing a screw on the floor!

      We've had good feedback on the pod and no major issues so...

      Tony, yes these pods will be ready for production soon. I will need to check on our schedule (discussion tomorrow) to see when we'll ramp up for production on these. I suspect by March 1st.


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        Hi Jeremy,

        I like this. What pinion gears work for this application?

        Looking forward to availability.



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          Hi Dan,

          All of the alpha testing that I did was with an 11/28 gear combination. Other combinations that have been tested successfully are 14/40 and 11/36. There are, of course, other options, and the use of spacers and/or spur gears with the hub on the inside/outside will open up other possibilities.


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            What gear sizes work? 18mm spur & 6.5mm pinion?


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              Hi Larry, ideally the 6mm pinion would be used with one of the matching spurs. The 6.5mm pinion could be used but will give you some unwanted chatter and/or premature wear, which would need to be adjusted as with any other gear configuration. Running in the gears will net you a quiet mesh with both options. You'll have to determine what combination works best for you and gives you the mesh you like. You may need to use shims in some cases as reported by our beta testers.

              Keep in mind, the motor shaft is smaller on the FF-050 than the FC-130, so you will need to sleeve the motor shaft unless you have pinions for the FF-050.

              I was also reminded that while most any gear combo will work, here is something to keep in mind: Make sure that the diameter of the pinion plus the diameter of the spur, when divided by 2, are equal to the distance between the shaft and axle centers.

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                A question: of the 3D printed chassis, I haven't seen anyone add bearing caps for gluing, snap fit or screw mount?


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                  How about a top cap for the motor to reinforce the whole assembly?


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                    I'm not sure that a top cap is necessary for our motor pods since the fitment is very tight. We've not had an complaints from the hundreds of customers that are using our pods.

                    We're happy to entertain any custom project you may be working on. Just shoot me a PM.