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    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what this product is meant to do, and does do.


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      Happy Holidays

      We'd like to extend holiday wishes in our own way.


      Merry Christmas from the team at Digital Racing Solutions!

      Monte and Mike


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        Hehe, that's cool.
        Happy Holidays!


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          Nice work. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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            Originally posted by kidvoltage View Post
            We'd like to extend holiday wishes in our own way.


            Merry Christmas from the team at Digital Racing Solutions!

            Monte and Mike
            On 12/10 I said we would show finished product within ten days, so we had to put up something today. Sorry the video quality was low. Really wanted to get a finished unit to Monte so he could shoot a little demo. We had a discussion a few days ago that ended with a decision to rewrite part of the software. My plan was to finish that, add the Christmas tune (won't be part of the actual product) and get it shipped out before the end of the week. Rewrite is not quite done, but happy to say it is very close. Will wrap it up this weekend and send out on Monday. In the meantime, I had the elves whittle up a special version of the self test routine and emailed Monte this short clip.

            Merry Christmas, Monte; look what we've done!
            - Mike

            Happy Holidays to everyone,

            Monte and Mike
            Digital Racing Solutions
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              That's better than the president singing carols (which I just turned off to watch this).
              HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                Hi Kidd. How's the start light coming? Can't wait to see the finish product.


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                  We'll have something to show very soon. Perhaps tomorrow. Need to shoot some video. How's that for a teaser.


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                    All eyes will be watching!


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                      Meet the Digital Racing Solutions Start Light



                      I'll be happy to try and answer any questions. There will be another video. This one covers usage from the point of having just an SCX Digital System with no computer attachment. We'll also put up a video for those with PCLC to show that interplay.

                      Power usage is low, I'm using a small cell phone charger. We'll provide a pigtail to connect to the SCX power system though any PS that can supply 7 - 24V should be ok.

                      So how do you control the SCX track power without interrupting the lap counter? You have to tap into the Control Unit and split a wire. It's pretty easy. Cut a wire in two, drill a hole, attach two wires to the one you cut in two and run them out the hole. That's about it. An easy 15-minute operation. Will this violate your warranty? Uh warranty? From who again? But yes, probably.

                      And on a final note, despite being designed with SCX Digital in mind, this will work with most any system.


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                        Be careful with the spectactor wearing the yellow T-shirt; it seems that it has suffered a heart attack with all the tests you have forced him to watch

                        More seriously, is this the final design for the start/stop light system of Digital Racing Solutions?

                        Again any chance of having access to test the system and showing it to our club members here in Spain?

                        Kind Regards,

                        Juan Luis


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                          PM sent.


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                            I have the same question. Is this the final design? And when will you have this ready for sale?


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                              Yes, this is the final outward design. HOWEVER... I am waiting on a new chip - this is a device that we can program - Arduino - so we are trying to add as many features as we can prior to release. Well, as many features as makes sense.

                              Here's what we've got so far:

                              Stand Alone Mode:

                              1. Full control of power on / off at start / end of race
                              2. Timer for race duration: 0 - 99 minutes
                              3. Countdown to start with random time at last light
                              4. Brightness adjustment for display
                              5. Track Call with countdown restart
                              6. Remote track call button enabled
                              7. Practice Mode - track power on
                              8. Grid Mode - track power off
                              9. Race Mode - Countdown to start
                              10. Race Over - track power off
                              11. All messages broadcast on bright LED Display

                              No false starts, full control of the race situation. With the Remote Track Call you can have a button or series of buttons located away from the unit to control the power during a race. In fact, the unit only has one button so the track call button will actually allow you to manipulate the unit in all other facets.

                              The other option is to switch into PCLC mode for those of you with a PCLC setup.

                              In PCLC mode, things are a bit different. With your SEB interface we'll show you how to connect both the SEB and our unit so that you also have control over power. Our unit doesn't do nearly as much in PCLC mode but there's not much for it to do. PCLC tracks time or laps. But the important bit is that we can control the power.

                              So let's take a second and talk about connections. You'll be wanting to make some.

                              In either mode, we provide a power pigtail that will plug inline with your SCX power supplies. power draw is minimal and shouldn't affect your cars even in 6-car mode. The only connection needed is to split the power wire inside the SCX box and connect it up to our relay system. We'll provide a complete tutorial on how to do this.

                              PCLC Mode:

                              For PCLC mode, a USB connection from the Start Light to the PC is used to transfer data. You'll still need to split the power wire inside the SCX box. This is also the time to ALSO connect your SEB interface to the inside of the SCX box which will then allow your system to work like this:

                              1. Push button on SCX control unit to start race
                              2. PCLC and Start Light begin countdown in sync
                              3. At completion of countdown, Start Light turns on power and racing begins - no false starts
                              4. Start Light / Remote Switch control power during a race. PCLC sees the commands from the Start Light and pauses / restarts race as needed.
                              5. At conclusion of race Start Light turns off power to cars

                              A bonus of our connection scheme is that the track displays - Lap Counter and Chrono - will maintain their states. You only lose power to the cars. As it should be.

                              They will be available on our web site next week and the price will be... Let me make sure... Hang on...
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