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    Monte, Mike,

    If it is not too late and the HW allows you to implement it, think about providing the user the option of customizing the messages appearing on the display; for instance on another language, etc..


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      I can't alter it to the extent that the user could create the own messages whenever they wanted. However, alternate language display is a good idea. If you are willing to help create/translate, I'll gladly put custom messages in any unit. I'll PM you and we can discuss it away from this thread. If we ended up with full message sets for multiple languages, I could add selection of such to the user interface.



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        DRS Start Light, ahora en espaņol.

        With assistance from JuanLUX , our Start Light is now bilingual. While adding the Spanish language option, I built a framework to easily support more. If you want to request a specific addition, I'll need your help to determine the suitable words and phrases in the desired language.

        Thank you JuanLUX!


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          My wish

          If I had my choice, the start light would also be wireless networked into my home network so I could control it from my tablet, smartphone or other wireless device.

          Just a thought to improve a great system.


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            Installed, working great. Looking great.


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              Looks like you thought of everything and turned out a product in record time.

              Using SCXd, if I want to run a 100 lap race and not a timed race do I set your timer to something way too long like 60 minutes to allow SCXd end the race?
              I ask because the SCXd chrono displays fast lap, avg, & gap after the race. If you cut the power the CU doesn't know the race is over.

              Remember. Brake hard. So you can say you tried to stop.