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How may speed steps?

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  • How may speed steps?

    How many speed steps does the stock Carrera D132 controller have? Does the RamJet-X have the same number of speed steps or more than the stock D132 controller?

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    I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but I believe the Carrera digital controllers have a sliding potentiometer for throttle control, just like SSD does. Technically, those are infinite steps. The more important number is how many steps the base/system will resolve to, and does the controller have the same number, or close enough.

    I can't speak to those particular numbers, but I can say that even if the controller has a few less than Carrera digital supports, the FEEL of the controller, and the resulting level of control precision, is enough to get me to buy this kind of controller.


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      I believe we are eye-dentical. As mentioned in the other post we may have a slightly different ramp within the controller sweep. We did not do that with the SCX version since there's only about 10 steps. However the Carrera has more (16) so we could do a little pad adjustment to affect the sweep range.


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        RamJet-X for Carrera Digital has 16 steps (15 + off), the maximum number supported in Carrera's data protocol.

        Mr. Flippant is correct that the stock Carrera plunger controller uses a slide potentiometer which is resolved to 16 steps.
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