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DRS Start Light - analog or digital?

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  • DRS Start Light - analog or digital?

    One of the goals of developing our Start Light product was to fill a void in the accessories available for the SCX digital system. We are, after all, Digital Racing Solutions. Our core effort is to provide superior products for digital slot racing enthusiasts. In another thread, it was quietly stated that it could also be used with other digital or even analog tracks.

    Yes, it can.

    Integration with an analog track is simple.

    First, the Start Light needs a source of power. Anything from 7 to 30 volts DC is fine. You probably have suitable DC power source for your track... So powering the Start Light is as simple as connecting the red and black leads to your power supply.

    Second, the Start Light needs to be able to interrupt power to the track. There are two large wires emerging from the Start Light's base. These wires are not polarity sensitive, so you can't mix them up. These need to be spliced into ONE of the feeders to you track. Cut one of your two feed wires and connect each of those ends to the wires of the Start Light. The Start Light's internal relay will then be able to turn track power on/off.

    Third (and optional), you can install remote button(s). The Start Light has a button on top, but that might not be easily accessible to all the racers at your track. You can mount one or more additional buttons and wire them back to the Start Light. Highly visible, easily accessible track call buttons can be a good thing! The BigRedButton may be just what you need.

    Mike and Monte
    Digital Racing Solutions
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