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  • FastBodies - Inquiries and comments

    Please post your inquiries and comments here. I will be moving all questions to this thread to keep the available product page Product only. Thanks!!!!!!
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    How would you rate the crash worthiness of your bodies? I only have resin body experience in 1/32 running non-magnet.

    Beautiful cars btw!



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      Hi domer,

      I would say they hold up pretty good. I have not had any negative feedback over the years. Like any resin, the body will be a little more brittle than an injected plastic body. I was lucky enough to be honored to make the GT40 body for Team USA a few years ago. The body held up well during the 24 hour race. It is still in good shape as the Team presented the 2nd place body to me as a token gift.

      I hope Crimnick, NicoRosberg or others will chime in to state how their FastBodies are holding up so you can get a buyers point of view.
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        I don't think I was on Team USA when they used the Fastbodies car, the only ones I recall were the Hellonwheels and Greg's bodies - the only resins I have seen that seemed bendy and ultra-light. Not sure how they do (or did in Helen's case) it...

        My Mega-G F1 from Gary held up really well considering the cars average 200 IPS. I broke it being stupid with it when removing the body, applying pressure on the nose (doh!), but out on track is stood up well. It was pretty light too, but then Gary is ground breaking in terms of doing these bodies there is not much to compare them to.
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          Thanks for the reply and feedback!


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            Deane, How did it break? Send me a PM with your address again.

            Here is a pic of Nico's F1 car.


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              Here are some pics of GT40's that were painted for the HOLM. I shortened my, then current, GT40 I had modeled to fit a Tyco Pan chassis. I cut/shaped/altered the body to fit the Tomy chassis used for the race. I also supplied quite a few bodies for Team USA to sell to off-set their expenses. The Team and Rick Burneson elected me an honorary member of that year's team. I still have the body in an display case. I can provide additional photos if requested. The body used in the race is the Orange #16 body on the left.

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                Here are a few more painted up. Rick told me, the team painted them a few different colors to see which one showed up better to the racers when racing. I painted the #6 in the rear of the photo, however, it was not used for the race.

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                  Here is a pic of the original GT40 for the LWB Tyco Pan Chassis. At the time, I was also casting the wheel inserts you see in the photo.

                  Let me know if anyone needs to see more photos or have requests to resurrect any of my older bodies.

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                    I am strongly considering resurrecting this body I did many moons ago. Crimnick may chime in as far as this Corvette body looks.

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                      Gary - I remember seeing the Indy cars you did for the Rokar chassis. Is that the same as the Life Like M and do you still have the moulds?


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                        Yes, I still have all the bucks for the Indy cars. But those older cars were vacuformed .030" styrene plastic and I extended the front axle of the M-chassis with flat brass stock. They held up great for mild-friendly racing. Hit a barrier or wall? The chassis mod would go up in pieces just like the real thing. Then, off the the garage (workbench) to glue the front axle back together. If everyone didn't like the resin bodies so much, I'd go back to vacuforming in a heartbeat. Although, there is much more modeling involved for the buyer to get the vacuformed bodies to look good. The resins are more a clip-on and go type of prospect. Here are a couple pics of the vacuformed bodies over the M-chassis. Or go to page 2 of my Fastlap's Pics album to see more.


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                          Originally posted by fastlap View Post
                          Deane, How did it break? Send me a PM with your address again.

                          Here is a pic of Nico's F1 car.
                          I think I broke it just below the gold line that swoops across the nose. The nose is very slightly up, but the car is shelfed now and it looks fine. I changed the wheels, and added yellow rings, which look good if you don't examine them too close.

                          Our racing rules mean that cars without front wings would be favoured now anyway, which is happy for me as I adore those cars as you know. WM was making a Ligier JS11/15, but I have not heard from him in months, and I can't get the two masters of light/flexy resin bodies interested in doing F1 cars.

                          There is another previous expert exponent of styrene F1s now working in resin, specifically for now the project we discussed before of making parts such as airboxes to make the standard Mega champcar more F1-like. Eventually I suspect he will do whole cars, or maybe the back 2/3rds mated to the front of the AFX body, another thing I would like to see.


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                            I'd buy some of these Penske indycars in a shot if you made some more. Would they fit on a Mega G chassis (the 1.7")? Is it the 1994 PC23?



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                              Todd, yes, this was my vacuformed version of the '94 that Al Jr won the 500 with that year. I actually made this car and a diorama that Al Jr. signed for me when we had him for an apperance at our car dealership years back.

                              This vacuformed body will not fit over the Mega-G without some heavy modifications. I made it to fit snuggly over the LifeLike "M" chassis with an extended front axle.

                              Im sure my resin Reynard body for the MegaG will depict this car fairly well if you add a shark fin. Also, my resin bodies come with the wings separate. The body could easily be modified for a super-speedway front wing, rather than gluing on the supplied roadcourse wing.


                              I can sell the vacuform body (.030" styrene) and you can try your hand at modifying as you wish. The vacuformed bodies (no wings or drivers included) are $4ea. plus shipping.


                              Here is my Reynard for the MegaG currently for sale.

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