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  • Hey, is this thing on?

    I'd like to thank the folks at SCI for this opportunity and also to introduce myself to those who haven't seen me or my castings.

    I've always thought of myself as a slot car builder first. My body casting came about when I wanted cars, like the rare Allard J2X, or one-of-a-kind race cars, like Kas Kastner's Triumph Sport Six Trans Am car, and the Group 44 TR8 for instance. The big or even medium sized companies couldn't or wouldn't produce them.I wanted them so had to figure out how to make them on my own. Of course when I got finished with the various projects I wanted to show off to you all. Apparently, you liked what you saw... I didn't really think there would be much of a market for what I did. The Vitesse (Sport Six) and the TR8 were derived from out of production static model and slot car bodies (thanks Airfix and Scalextric).

    Here are cars built from casting I've made

    Earlier this year I was contacted by someone who wanted a Nash Healey slot car. Since no one makes a Nash Healey I had to create this slot car from the owner's Diecast model. This was a one-off project as I'm pretty serious about copyright issues.

    My cars are limited productions owing to the limited lifespan of the casting materials. At the moment, the only item that's in production is the Ferrari 158. The Ferrari I built is mounted on a Beardog chassis but can be adapted to BWA's micro motor brass fittings. I anticipate having new Allard castings available sometime in the next couple of months.

    Price for the Ferrari 158 kit is $25. plus shipping and includes the body, vacuum formed windscreen, and wheel inserts. Please contact via PM.


    Greg Petrolati (AKA Greenman62)
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    You have arrived!

    Got a nice ring to it, eh? Soon you will be rich and famous!


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      do you make 1/43 sale? those are unreal!


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        Originally posted by Zuggie View Post
        do you make 1/43 sale? those are unreal!
        Not at this point... I prefer to concentrate on 1/32nd.



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          Holy cool cars batman, is that TR8 for sale as a kit?


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            The TR8 kit is a slosh cast body and decal set...

            There hasn't been enough interest in it to justify redoing the mold. Depending on the condition of the old mold, I might be able to pull another body or two without redoing. The decals are pretty dried out at this point and will need special handling or need to be remade.



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              Hey Greg,

              That's the best use of a beardog chassis I've seen in a long time...maybe ever!



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                Nice to see that a former Central Illinois resident is doing well. That F1 Ferarri is a work of art! I wish the 1:1 F1 cars still looked like that.

                Hope you are enjoying the Pacific NW.


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                  All of his cars are works of art, near as I can tell and they run very well also, at least the ones I have been fortunate enough to run.
                  If I can be so bold as to speak for Greg, he seems to be enjoying it just fine out here. We keep dragging him to races and he keeps going. We had a blast last weekend up in Auburn.


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                    Beautiful castings! I just started making my own castings myself, as I wanted a Capri Mk1 and couldn't locate any one who manufactured one. The molds came out really well, and I have done a few practice casts using some resin I had left over from some old projects, but it seems to be very brittle. What do you recommend using for your casting material that is suitable for slot racing?

                    Don M


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                      Glad to here you are back in business, Greg, please put me on the list for an Allard, and a TR8, if you do some. I would also like to suggest one of the Old Yellers as a future project.


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                        Originally posted by MRollingthunder View Post
                        The molds came out really well, and I have done a few practice casts using some resin I had left over from some old projects, but it seems to be very brittle. What do you recommend using for your casting material that is suitable for slot racing?
                        Don M
                        I use Smooth-Cast 300 for slosh-cast bodies, Smooth-cast 320 for components that are cast in a 2 part mold.

                        Casting resin can go off over time. That's why I only order small amounts of the resin. As it is, I wind up throwing out about a third... wasteful.
                        but for the small volume of stuff I produce nearly unavoidable.



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                          I had some bad experiences with Smooth-On in the very beginning so I moved on to another brand. Costs a little more but lasts longer kept in the chilly basement. I use it for my cones, jersey walls and miscellaneous larger scale castings. I like the repeatable, consistent results: something I did not have with Smooth-On.


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                            Got the bodies in the mail today. Nice work not too heavy not too thick and a smooth outer surface. Thanks and Happy Holidays. Ken


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                              Yeah, it's working!

                              Hey Greg I just found your little blog way down here and wanted to say hi.

                              Also add to those in line for the next production of the J2X Allard (which is gorgeous I might add) that they should track down their Caterham before the price of those gets too crazy.

                              I'm working on my J2X right now and am all smiles all the time. I may need another to do the Duntov car too.

                              And this little kit of the Ol' Yeller is still available for perusal whenever you want. BTW do you think that will also be a Caterham conversion? I'm gonna have to start hunting.