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Old Yeller II Begins

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  • Old Yeller II Begins

    I got tired of waiting to encounter Ernie Nagamatsu and his vintage racer to get really detailed shots of Old Yeller II. I decided to get started on the master. At this point I've got multiple view drawings.

    Thanks to Silverhelmet I also have a 1/43rd resin casting I can use for reference. I was going to return the model when I got the shots but it didn't happen. Silverhelemet, I'm taking good care of your model but I'll need it a bit longer. This week I started to rough out the master. At this point it's only a rough shape in basswood. As soon as there's something to see I'll take some shots.


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    This is going to be one sharp car, was just over on their website. Will you include the exhausts and decals?


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      Originally posted by Biggy View Post
      This is going to be one sharp car, was just over on their website. Will you include the exhausts and decals?
      Decals, definitely. I'll be molding the front fenders separately and I've got to try something new to do the exhausts. That's one of the details I wanted to get photos of.

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        Whoohoo, I must be psychic. Was just going through my parts box and noticed I still had a set of Carerra whitewalls I had been saving for an Old Yeller. At one point I was semi-serious about carving the body myself, but never managed to get the fenders right. And now since you are already so far along, I am more than happy to wait for yours.

        About exhausts, I think the magazine article I mentioned in the earlier OY thread might have some good shots. I'll check tonight.



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          Can I aquire a copy?



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            Jel Claws make some good looking soft rubber whitewalls, replicas of old-school, high profile rubber. The white part is a separate compound, fused to the black part.

            Jel Claws ST-1135-W tires are intended for "Early Revell, Ferrari GTO, Marx and Strombecker Hot Rods, Marx Two piece Wheels & Others with Aluminum Chassis. Inner Diameter 1/2" 12.7mm" according to the package.

            These Jel Claws tires are mounted on BWA narrow 15" scale diameter rims:


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              GREAT! Can't wait to see this one..


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                Old yella down under


                I have a few shots of old yella that I took in the pits when Eddie brought the car down to New Zealand - a year ago today actually.... Unfortunately I shrank most of them to 800 x 600, but they are close up, and at least bigger and clearer than what is on the old yella site. so email me through the site if you want them, and some 3mb size shots of it circulating the track. One of the rolling shots shows the grilling inside the exhausts, and wheel trim quite well. [frozen]