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Parts are in! Kits ready to order!!

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  • Parts are in! Kits ready to order!!

    Hi Everyone,

    Finally the parts are in. I have attached a photo. I am afraid I have to increase the cost just a bit. Kits are 49.95 plus 4.95 S&H for USA and Canada. I will also be shipping to NZ and Australia, etc. Because of the costs of postage, Jon Granger of Stryker, will be shipping bodies everyone in England. (I have to put the kits together and send them to Jon, but I did not want to have to charge postage to Britain from here.)

    So ... please pay by PayPal. Address: [email protected]

    I hope to have everything boxed up and ready to go by Monday. I have a list of reservations and want to make sure everyone who still would like to have one is able to get one! The first production run is 30 bodies and over half are already spoken for.

    I hope everyone will like the kit. Mounting posts are in the body for the MRRC Sebring chassis. Should anyone not be pleased, there is a money back guarantee (excluding postage). I just ask that you return the kit, even if you have already started it.

    Picture below shows the body, clear parts, photo etch and white metal. Note that the steering wheel comes in four pieces!!

    all my very best


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    Wow ! that is a quality kit. I am glad I have reserved mine.


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      I received mine yesterday. Very high quality casting of the body. Beautiful photo-etched parts and extremely nice cast white metal detail parts. Will definitely build up into a very nice model. Really glad to have one of these. Highly recommended!


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        Thank you, got my kit last week. Great casting and a well thought out kit. Thanks again John.

        Looking forward to what you do next.


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          Mine has also arrived after travelling across the Pacific.
          Great kit with a great instruction package.

          Regards and thanks


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            Correction ... John and others

            Hi John,

            Glad the kit arrived!!! There is an error in the instructions. The second pair of leather fasteners go on the rear of the tonneau cover, not on the boot/trunk.


            all my very best