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  • Hood Fasteners

    Greetings, I have started to work on the Monza kit I got from Charles. But I am wondering about the placement of all of the tie downs. I know how to put the little parts together, but I am not sure exactly where they go on the hood and cover. I found some pictures but they were not clear enough to show the placement of these parts. Any information would be welcomed. Thank you in advance for any help. Regards, John

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    HI John,

    My apologies, the instructions are not clear on this point. (I have revised them.)

    You have the following:
    Two sets of two photo-etch (metal) fasteners.
    Two sets of two white metal belt (leather) fasteners.

    The photo-etch fasteners go on the sides of the hood/bonnet and the boot/trunk.
    The belt fasteners go on the driver's end of the the hood bonnet, running lengthwise on the car. And the other set goes on the rear deck to the rear of the tonneau cover, again running lengthwise. (Odd, I know.)

    Hope this is helpful and clear.

    let me know if it is not, etc.


    all my very best



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      Thank you Charles, I think I have it now. Also came across a good detail picture too. Regards, John