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  • GT6
    started a topic Tire truing rig

    Tire truing rig

    Been a bit slow here so thought I'd throw up a couple of pix of the tire truing setup I assembled:

    Tire Razor in the upper right (bottom pic)

    Lower right is a sanding block reciprocator so I don't have to sit there manually running the block back and forth while the tires grind down. It's made up of a cheapy 200:1 5 Volt gear reduction motor with linkage made from scrap R/C car ball joints and a bicycle spoke.

    lower left is an the power supply. The base unit is an industrial regulated 12/5 Volt power supply. I salvaged about a dozen of these when the company I worked for upgraded to a system with much lower power requirements. I added a cover to keep kidlet fingers out, main and truer on/off switches, a PWM variable power adjustment for the truer motor, and a digital readout volt/amp display (unfortunately the amp meter part doesn't play nice with the PWM unit - must be a fairly large capacitor in that circuit as it just puts out a constant 12v when connected, so now it's just a nice bright on/off voltage display). The alligator clip connectors allow the supply to be used for motor break in duty as well.

    The plastic box at the upper left holds accessory parts. I cut up a couple feet of 1"x.25" aluminum bar stock and glued on wet/dry abrasive from 120 to 2000 grits to make a half dozen sanding blocks. Also made a pulley for 1/8" axles for those 1/24 Carrera cars.

    The whole thing sits in an aluminum tray recycled from the door of an electronics enclosure (from the company scrap bin for cosmetic defect - it'll have a lot more cosmetic damage as it goes to work ).

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  • bigman
    Real nice work, it's all in the details.
    You have great fringe benefits at your shop.


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  • scrjon
    You made my day with that one sir

    That is very cool

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