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    Hehe, nice one.
    "Shave down your lap times with The Tire RazorTM"
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      this thing has been quite to long

      I have taken a new step into the hobby, 1\24 scale and building my own chassis, as well as a few kit bash with H&R chassis, so with no-mag (yes Greg you are correct you can run no mag on my track) I have done a few tire swaps

      foamys dry do not work, but with a little tire location, my own brand, they work good and hook up well

      HR racing silicones, a very good tire, needs a very clean track

      Paul Gage, I have tried these tires on old carrera nascar and Scally and carrera cot, wood or plastic these tires are my favorite and on my 1\24 they act like magnets so on my track PG

      what are you guys using


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        I'll take any urethane over pretty much any other tire these days. Paul Gage are especially good, but Yellow Dogs suffice as well. The only down side to urethanes is sometimes they have too much grip, and you really can't make them grip less. Crazy, huh?


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          I had some PG tires that had a lot of grip, you could pull the guide out poping the front tires


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            On my SSD track, I use S2s or Maxxtracs. I have several pair of Super Tires, but once I tried the Maxxtracs they have sat in my box.


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              Paul Gage...

              PG's tires for me. Great grip on the rough Ninco we run......they stick like "glue" and have good tire wear and a great guy to work with......not to say others aren't....

              Way to go Paul !!!!



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                Has anyone used the Tire Razor to true QuickSlicks? Do yiou use drywall screens or sandpaper?


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                  At 6 volts, the 100 grit that comes with the Tire Razor should be sufficient to true urethane or rubber. I can't speak for silicone.


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                    best tire

                    Long time Tire Razor and Quick Slicks user here. I've trued dozens of Quick Slicks on the Tire Razr successful using sand paper. I removed the sandpaper that is standard issue. The I cut strips of new sandpaper and work my way from one end to the other. How polished you want the Quick Slicks to be will determine which grit of sandpaper to use. Historically I've started the Quick Slicks on 150 grit then stepped to 220, 400 then 600. It you just want to true the Quick Slicks this works quite well. I used this method on a pair of Quick Slicks XF that were run for a full 24 hours in the 2016 MI 24 hour endurance race.

                    If you are looking to reduce diameter of the Quick Slicks I'd first consider buying a smaller diameter. If that isn't possible you'll spend more time with the Quick Slicks at the lower grit.

                    For a clean polish you can use 800, 1000, 1200 or 1500 grit to get the Quick Slicks to a very clean polished tire.

                    Good luck and happy truing!
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