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Brilliant! A very satisfied user.

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  • Brilliant! A very satisfied user.

    Before I start I just want to say I have no connection with ViaSue other than being a very satisfied customer.

    I spotted their light bridge and software on eBay and being a bit of a technophobe thought it sounded like a great shortcut to finally getting computerised track management on our 1:64th circuit, as I didn't have the skills to build one myself.

    Again, being a technophobe I went to their website to read up on their product, watched YouTube videos others had set up and asked LOTS of questions, which were answered very patiently and in great detail, before eventually biting the bullet and placing an order.

    The hardware arrived safely, being perfectly packed, was set up in minutes and worked first time with no mods required to it, our track or the chosen software, which we'd been familiarising ourselves with in test mode for several weeks.

    (My nightmare was that when the four came together - laptop, track, software and ViaSue's hardware - they wouldn't work and I don't have the skills to sort things out.)

    I needn't have feared. It was true 'Plug and Play' and is proving TOTALLY reliable.

    I have no hesitation in recommending their product. For us it was the long-awaited key to computerisation.


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    A Smooth Transition

    Thank you for sharing your experience &/or inexperience with us here at Viasue's Forum. Our goal is to create a smooth " Plug & Play " transition for track owners. We feel our customers are very intelligent, creative and competitive people. That being the case you embraced the technology and gave us your trust.... by giving us and our lap timer a shot. Viasue feels that is a gift you gave us. So to be sure we mention it... Thank you for giving us that trust :>)

    The learning curves for these transitions can be frustratingly painfully and expensive. Another of Viasue's goals is to simplify complicated things . We also strive to keep the system affordable for our customers .

    We hope it brings great pleasure to you and yours for many years to come!
    Paul of VIASUE


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      Lap Timing System

      After reading the positive feedback I ordered the ViaSue Black Mamba kit. I will provide feedback from start to finish upon receipt.