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  • Excellent experience

    I was looking for a good Lap counter/timer solution for my 4-lane HO track. I had done quite a bit of searching around for good solutions, including building an IR-triggered sensor tack myself. In the end I decided to purchase a Viasue Timer/Counter.

    I could be happier!

    What I received was very well packaged. After unwrapping it I did a close inspection and found that the build quality is extremely high. The sensors are perfectly level with the track, the removable light gantry stays in place very well, and the computer cable is is very well soldered. I plugged it into my computer and ran some quick tests, and everything worked as expected right out of the box. Off to the races!

    I connected it to my track, fired up my computer and started racing. Everything worked perfectly. Not a single miscounted or mistimed lap with four people racing. Everyone agreed that the Lap Timer/counter was a huge improvement over the mechanical lap counters we had previously been using.

    Paul was very friendly and answered all of my questions. He even made an excellent suggestion to run the track computer using Windows Remote Desktop. Now I can put the race display on my Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or any other device that has an RDP client!

    I highly recommend Viasue Lap Counter/Timer. Excellent company and excellent product.

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    VIASUE is Blushing

    Thank you for your post and flattering comments ...we are blushing here at VIASUE...We are very very happy and pleased you like and have been enjoying the lap timer...and we are VERY pleased you mentioned the "Windows Remote Desktop Manager" ....We hope others find the W.R.D.M option,,,
    A great work around for the on going Adaptor to USB issue, this and other lap timers have.

    Victory Laps To you and yours
    Thank Again Paul of VIASUE