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    I ask as some LPT keys used to unlock software etc. require power. This in that the PCI-e cards do not supposedly have the DC out on the LPT pins. I wasn't sure if this was not wired to run as an electronic powered DC relay. I was not about to rip the covers off to see what it was so thanks.

    PCI-e does not use the standard address for LPT but LT 2000 supposedly allows a different address. RC seems a bit different but it is Dot net 4.5 so it should use windows set addresses for the LPT so we shall see. I do know defaults on PnP did not work for either.

    The bad is all the old utils I relied on were for Win 200m and before and since direct hardware addressing is not allowed in WHQL I may just have to program my own diagnostic tools, Yuck.


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      Just to be sure, as RC has you manually select, what are the lane and pin assignments used?


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        The Default Settings for RC are the correct settings....that is when you go to set up the track using the race the port settings you will see the pin order as RC defaults to the pin order we use.....I will Pm you with more info


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          Well I have the setup and it works great, other that a few small issues locally. I can say to date I have not had any luck with PCI-e LPT ports. While they are ports that are not remappable the issue seems to lie in the pci-e bus. Unlike ISA, the original bus for LPT ports or even PCI bus, there is no real power. This unconventionally then disallows seeing the ground of the sensor ports so the system does not see a real LPT port there.

          There is hope though. Most refurbished older machines have LPT ports. The one I selected, a Dell OptiPlex 380, has a LPT port that is fully legacy compliant with the resources. Whatever computer you select be sure is has a standard PCI bus slot free. In a worse case you could then get one of a few true PCI cards for LPT that allow remapping that should work.

          Be it known though that with most Windows 7 machine you most likely will not be able to use LT2K. I will try and get it working later but have come across a lot of issues with it so far.