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    I understand that using a connector to connect the Viasue cable to a USB port isn't supported, but does it work? I don't have a game port, parrallel port, or com port on my laptop, is there any other way to get this to work with USB?

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    Maybe I am incorrect. This is what was written on the Viasue website:
    alternative connection types:
    Game Port (2 row 15 pin ) Connector - Com Port (2 row 9 pin ) Connector

    What does the "depending on the software usb to any of the above connection types" mean?


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      Reliable usb work around

      Thanks for asking your questions and your visit to our web site :>)
      About your question: The Depending on the "software" part, when it comes to the use of usb adapters is this: We have found by random experiments with different configurations and adapter types, including the ones the software developers say could work.

      The needed results of the adapter tests are far less than what our standards require to consider offering support. We feel any claims people make that usb adapters work with the "common hardware standards" used should support those claims, but not us at this time. It is only true for the fortunate few that adapters work reliably. Most need the right combination of windows, the right drivers for the ports involved, the correct memory address or the correct adapter type, the correct irq assignment...really the list goes on and on.

      More Importantly From Our Point Of View It Is not Plug And Play.....which is always our goal !

      THE GOOD NEWS IS: we think we have found a reasonable work around that is built into most windows pc's....IF NOT the download is free! Works with *Mobil Devises , *Android Phones, *Laptops...*WiFi or Hardwired to the race track pc via *network cable. This creates Race PC Access Options for multiple users via router / track managers / race managers. We are still picking at the bones and bench testing and listening to customer feedback and results. We are in our testing stages so at this time this Microsoft / Windows option is not supported, except by links to Microsoft / Blogs / Help Pages like the one above Etc.

      The thing is this option is far more option embedded than just an adapter to usb. It does not change our hardware configurations , which are very reliable and supported, which is good for our clients. You do not even need a monitor unless you want one for the race pc...just boot up the race pc to the desktop, log on remotely to the race pc using Windows Remote Desktop Manager and stage races or manage results do print outs of winners certificates or race statistics or let drivers download their own track or club results. Far better than an adapter to USB that can or is problematic for more people than not.

      This option is somewhat "Plug & Play".... in that, many or most Windows Versions and products that communicate with Windows support the process....set up the software on both or all devices log on to the race pc and stat racing.As mentioned this creates many options or choices much more powerful than adapters to USB.

      Would an adapter cost less than a race pc and a laptop or smart phone or other mobile devices...It sure would but does the adapter work well reliably...and we really really wish it could work well reliably for everyone not just a few lucky people or people with great technical / windows know how to configure the adapter to their usb and the softwares liking....and lets not forget your version of windows must be compatable with the adapter to usb as well

      Paul of VIASUE
      I / We hope this will help everyone...we think it is a robust work around
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        What's the success rate of people using usb adaptors???? You mentioned there were blogs that discuss using an adaptor, do you have any links? Do you have info what operating systems work with an adaptor and how to config them?

        I'm a computer tech.... I'm pretty handy with them. I understand you can only support what you designed the product for. I just may be willing to purchase a device even if it means I have to put it on the shelf if it doesn't work with the computer I have, and then look to purchase a low end race computer.

        I'm not understanding the Remote Desktop solution. Are you saying remote into a pc that has the connections you offer? Are you suggesting a computer setup just for the lap track device, and then remote into it?


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          Do you know how to change the COM port?


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            Originally posted by dpage44 View Post
            Do you know how to change the COM port?
            Haven't messed with that since Windows 3.11 or Win 95, but figuring stuff out like that is my profession. If it can be done I can probably figure it out.

            Is that the fix??????? I run Vista.


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              Ports and USB Work Around Solutions

              To change Com port settings or any port setting it is done in the device manager section of windows. This is not to say making changes in the ports will cause an adapter to usb to work.

              The true issue for us anyway is the race software and windows does not know how to understand a printer port or com port signal via adapter to USB when related to the race software being used. Any software designer who says his software works with adapters needs to support that claim...not the Hardware designer.

              So we offer a work around that seems very worth while: Windows Remote Desktop Manager. We are not experts at this option, no more than we are experts at the race software..we are hardware experts...and that is where we hang our hat.

              Perhaps with enough user presure the software designers can figure out and resolve the communication issues for all adaptor types....but that is not something we can do nor can the end user even if you are a computer tech etc....My training goes back to DOS before Windows I have deep solid state background and have worked for major corprate and government icons...I know hardware and how it works.

              For the USB WORK AROUND use a dedicated race pc, any networkable box, you can find with the proper op sysem for the race software and for the WRDM option. With a pc that has a printer port or the port type you want installed on the lap timer....then use Windows Remote Desktop Manager to open the race software to run and manage races, from your laptop, smart phone or other networkable hardware that works with WRDM. Which is great for club races, users could log on to the race pc and download or print out their race results or club standings etc.

              No WRDM it is not a Plug and Play option by our standards but it is a very techy one that gives you many more upscale options than an adapter to USB. Just like anything it has a learning curve, once past that, you are far ahead of the others

              For what it is worth the developer of Lap Timer 2000 says his software works with adaptors purchased from radio shack and he provides the part numbers...He should also provide the support for his claims and softrware. The developer of Race Coordinator asked some well informed tech folks about the issue and some say they have had luck with a rockfire adapter to usb...but as mentioned NO ONE is saying these work for most &/or all end users...WE SURE ARE NOT BUT WISH WE COULD

              "Some luck" in our opinion is laps were triggered but not reliably or correctly enough for us to offer support or a hardware / software solution for adaptor to USB configuration changes.Our resolution to the usb issue so far is on the network side or windows side, not Radio Shack or Rockfire.

              Paul of VIASUE


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                Sorry I am late to the game here. My intent is eventually to purchase the 4 lane setup. Now I have the same problem of no LPT, COM or Game ports. My old laptop does though have an express 54 port. For those laptops with either a PCMCIA or Express 34/54 you can add LPT or COM ports to your system. These should be full ports and not seen as USB adapters or the like.


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                  Changing Data Paths via Connection Changes

                  Hi your input is welcome to the subject. When the data path is changed via hardware or software, for example port drivers for special i/o devices and USB etc etc The issue that cannot be over come and or over come reliably is the race software is not looking for the data from those places or those ways of communicating data via those different data paths.

                  Other than that the light bridge, sensors and physical connection types are the stupid or dumb part of the equation....they process no data, they do not communicate, the sensor is in the state of "on" or "off" which to the races software is a "1" or a "0"...if the software only looks for the lpt1 printer port at a certain memory address..that is the only place it looks for or understands and or the ONLY thing it can see, given matching settings within the software(s)...if the lpt is incorrect or the memory address is incorrect and do not match or broken within windows the "1"or "0" can not be seen ....even though it is there, faithfully, the entire time.....

                  Or more simply put ..It's a software issue and the issue will be resolved only by software but not by a hardware configuration or change of hardware standard being used...hardware needs software and software needs hardware but in this case the answer is not in any hardware configuration or
                  "new hardware standard" used nor combination of adapters to any other port types......

                  Our choice not to support any or all of the above changes to the standard printer port does not mean folks cant or should not try what they want too BUT the standard "ibm compatible printer port" is the most trouble free and reliable connection that we are willing to support, choosing not to support deviation or changes of required compliance or configuration changes of the connection we provide......

                  Would you put a mustache on the mona lisa ....of course not, she is perfect the way she is and so is using a standard 2 row 25 pin printer port connection

                  VIASUE Sales & Setup Pit Crew
                  Please contact us when you are ready to make your purchase


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                    Not sure how it happened but double post from edit..................
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                      The Express port 34/54 adapter puts a REAL LPT port to the system. Windows uses a PnP bios the with proper drivers will, with the hardware, create a "ibm compatible printer port". If the software being used did not use the OS standard interface even Vista would reject the software operation as out of compliance. Direct hardware access has not been allowed by M$ Windows in quite some time.

                      So long as the software requires true LPT access, same can be said of com port, these adapters will work. The problem is LPT ports are a dying interface. With most modern systems we need either a PCI card for a desktop or an ePCI (express card) adapter to create the LPT port. I just want people to know the express card is the option for a laptop just as the PCI card is for the desktop. The other issue is not all laptops have an express card interface.

                      One last piece of advice, some cards are called virtual devices. These have to be avoided, like some other hardware they are software driven to emulate the LPT port. These can usually be seen as they will state no IRQ required. Again avoid these. the link below will only be up a short time from ebay but this is more what you want. (albeit rare the non reassign of 278/378 address means it will use those resources only. This can conflict with some systems and PnP.)

                      Found out I am not supposed to link to ebay items so again please be sure if you purchase an adapter get a TRUE hardware one. Those WinModem or WinPorts will most likely not be compatible. Other option is to repurpose and old laptop with a built in LPT.

                      Also I'll be ordering ASAP, sent a PM as there is one question.
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                        Have mine on order now. Soon it will be Christmas all over.


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                          Just received the counter and placed it on the track. Now awaiting the LPT port. I will probably try a few of the solutions to add LPT ports but have little hope for the USB variety.


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                            Hi, does the lane hardware tap power from the LPT port? if so what pins and power requirements?


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                              Hi the sensor track requires and or draws no power.The sensors run off of a very powerful light placed above them....a light bridge/ gantry that uses wall outlet power....but there is power present within the printer port connection. There is power on pin 15 at a voltage of about 5 to 12v DC....The available ground pins are 25-18 but pin 15 is used to control DC Power relays only...and only if the printer port connector is wired to run DC power relays.