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Heat race?????

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  • tdady216
    started a topic Heat race?????

    Heat race?????

    Hi Guys, I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season... Thanks to you mind's was AWESOME

    had a question??? On the laptimer 2000 I have used the timed race, and the fixed lap count, for race type... But when I try to use the Heat Race, I cannot activate it... I have a tomy 4lane and I am running windows 7..if that helps.... also I had you guys install a pigtail for a call button, I see where you have, Y=relay=pin2, R=call=pin15, Green and Gray=pin25, GROUND... It sounds good, but I have know idea what this a little help maybe needed.... No hurry on the call button I am not sure what exactly to purchase for it anyway 2 wires, 3 wires?????

    PLUG N PLAY all the way....

    Thanks in advance...AGAIN tdady216 aka terrance

    Heats, call button, power relay in general custom or advanced options

    Hi here is some other posts on SCI about the subject. Unfortunately lt2k only provides a "Heat Sheet" that you can print out and use manually .

    You are running Windows 7 so installing net4 if it is not in windows already ( net4 will look for you ) then install Race Coordinator for example. Ultimate Racer is another program you can try. Both are option rich so both have a longer learning curve than lt2k.

    As long as you can set the setting in a race program or the program auto detects the lap timer hardware you can use it with our lap timer hardware.

    Lt2k is an older and simpler program that is also not as option rich as more recent race programs. These newer programs offer more advanced features and have been designed with a lot of track owner feedback and requests for options like being able to change sound files or screen skins etc etc. I like how RC puts it ( I paraphrase ) while they would like to include all input ideas they can only reasonably include the ones that are most commonly requested is just not possible to build in all of the track owner wishes.....yet they wish they could within reason .

    The yellow wire is connected to pin 2 and is meant for connection of a user provided dc power relay ( rate or matched your power supply in voltage and amps ) and a red wire connected to pin 15 for connection of user provided call button / switch / gamer button etc used to tell the race software to pause the race, once paused the software sends a small dc voltage to the power relay to break or interrupt the power supply usually to the entire track. The ground wires are grounded to pin 25 like all other required grounds and is info provided for general information or for use of grounding the add on hardware.

    Thanks for asking we hope these considerations help But most likely will cause you even more questions which is partly the intent. While we know some things the software help menus or developer web sites know all things. And if those user methods like help menus fall short support wise the folks who designed the software become the best, most accurate & product informed go to people we can recommend.

    Often user issues or questions to the developer requires the developer to notice bugs or possible opportunities for improvements to their software, including help menus etc. So we always point them out as the experts or "go to people" when it comes to the software they designed. When ever possible we want to provide the best sources or best info possible to our hardware users.

    For example you might ask the developer of lt2k to create easy heat &/or round robin options...after he gets enough of those he just might ...ya just don't know and they don't either unless users ask them to including user suggestions for improvements.


    Here is a link that might help you understand pausing a race or power to controllers and or track power. The thing to understand is you can get creative and very complicated or you can keep it very simple or you can smoke some power relays or other things until you get it right. Or the best option is to do the proper home work and nail it first swing.In this video the track owner is using a 5 pin 12volt 30amp DC Power Relay . As a call button we think he is using the keyboard space bar which most programs recognize as a track "Call" when pressing the space bar during a race, Or you can user a gamer button or a DC on off switch as a call button !! In the video he mentions you need a 15pin connector.... He miss spoke.... he is clearly using a **25 pin printer port connection. As well our information about the majority of race programs if not all programs require the use of a 25 pin printer port connection.

    [ame=""]A 25 Pin Printer Port Connection Is Required [/ame]
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