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A True USB Solution-Plug&Play VIA Race Coordinator & Viasue

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  • A True USB Solution-Plug&Play VIA Race Coordinator & Viasue

    The 1st 100% Plug & Play USB Solution Is In Town
    A True "Turn Key" / "Plug & Play" Syste

    This Post Brought to you by Race Coordinator and Viasue 6-8-14

    Collectively RC & VIASUE have been involved in the slot community, providing our communities racing solutions totaling over 25yrs !!
    Why would Race Coordinator & Viasue Join Forces to provide what the slot community needs and or out right wants or even demands?
    Could it be, together, they have ready for todays race track owners the best racing software & hardware solutions possible?
    Perhaps they will be bringing track owners the best, most reliable, robust & bankable race hardware & race software configuration possible?
    You can bet they plan to bring track owners the most accurate and 100% Plug&Play slot car racing solution available?
    Together Viasue & Race Coordinator talent and skill sets are bringing the slot community Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box Race Solutions.
    Built using the most advanced and flexible race hardware and race software platforms available for todays fast changing race community.
    Very likely the one & only or last racing solution you will ever need.
    In all ways: Truely a "Turn Key Solution" and Generational in longevity of the hardware and software!
    Our core system of race hardware and race software is 100% upgradeable as needs and or desires dictate with incredible accuracy and ease.
    All Of The Best Packed Into a 100% PLUG & PLAY 4 lane USB SOLUTION.
    A plug in USB Solution that auto installs, auto configures the software, auto configures the hardware & automaticly configures settings for your very first race!!
    All Plug & Play hardware and software require a small learning curve.
    The learning curve for ours combined system is very short but all great systems do require some user trial and error interaction.
    Fully supported directly by the developers first level or third level tech help, you get answers directly from the developers!!
    We built it !
    We know it the best!
    Only we can support you like no others!
    Quick and efficient One on One Email Support, forum support, CD and Software help files, user friendly web sites!
    Way more support options and info than you will ever need!
    IF you don't like asking or answering questions or truly don't like reading help menus.....RC has The Easiest, The Best & The Most Informative Online Help Video's !
    We know you will wonder and regret just how much fun and competition you missed, without, owning our user friendly Plug&Play USB Solution :>(
    What ever you do Please do not miss out on our special HO 4 lane Plastic track Pre Roll Out Offer
    Contact us today to place your 4 lane pre roll out order and be the first to get the best of the best of what we now offer!
    100% Race Coordinator & VIASUE money back guarantee...
    ALL YOU NEED for our 4 lane Plug & Play USB Solution is a PC running Windows XP sp3 or newer Windows with a standard USB Port !!
    Please contact us for any and all questions including pre roll out quotes and purchases VIA >> [email protected] & [email protected]

    Thank You From VIASUE & RC
    Inquiries For Custom Designed Racing Solutions and Custom Builds Welcome
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  • daufderh
    To use more than one interface at a time in RC you have to enable it. Go to the Options/Preferences and select "Multi-Track" or "Multi-Interface" (I can't remember exactly the option, but its in there and it should be clear). That will change the way the Expert Track Setup looks and will allow you to add both a parallel port and phidget interface.

    The interface is a bit messy but it works. Be sure there are only two entries in the list that shows up and make sure each one is configured correctly. You can always make changes, but be careful.


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  • Nofto
    Phidget follow-up

    Fiddled around a little bit more; can now get either flawless power relay control with no lap times (set RC to phidget interface) or flawless laptimer with no power relay control when RC set to LPT interface.
    Others apparently can have both simultaneously. That is what I am trying to accomplish. Any help re this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Phidget help

    Hi are you saying you have a viasue printer port system and you are interfacing it with a phidget board ?...??

    We'll assume the printer port system, , prior to interfacing it with the phidget board, was working correctly.

    So we wonder what you are seeing in windows device manager once you have the printer port interfaced with Your phidget board... given its not working,,, we figure you are not seeing an extra com ( a phidget board ) port listed in device manager....IF not then your board is not being seen properly and perhaps is not using the correct driver for your boards built in com I/O interface.

    If you have the incorrect drivers or the device is not in windows device manager then you will be dead in the water.

    IF you have a VIASUE printer port system then we can build you a proper interface to plug our PPort into and interface with our USB system...
    You can set up RC for two tracks, seen as one, using a pport and our usb system or your phidget board then you can run as one track or two individual tracks assigned as the correct devices etc.

    RC will work the same way with a pport / serial / phidget / arduino / virtual com port etc etc Dave of RC is the best people to ask about RC uses and configuration settings / interface options or settings ......for RC software support Dave is the best !!


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  • Nofto
    Phidget help!

    [quote=Top Down;846409]I already have the parallel port system, using RC through a Phidget board to control power, so the main draw for me would be the ability to move to the USB interface.

    re the above: I have the same hardware, but can't get RC to interact with the phidget. Probably some mapping / translation req'd, but i have no clue. RC seems to allow only one interface at a time, which has to be parallel port (right?). I have phidget interface working under windows XP, and can toggle power, but only with mouse clicks.
    I know RC developer has stated numerous time phidget 0/0/4 can co-exist and even allow individual lane power switching. PLEASE HELP

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  • mrbert62
    Viasue Black Mamba kit

    I just ordered the ViaSue Black Mamba system for use with my AFX 4 lane setup. I will provide a follow-up once I receive the unit. Ordering online was relatively easy and payment with Paypal was a snap.

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    Tyco Plug&Play No Problem

    Hi thank you for asking we can easily build our system into your track type. We can install our system into just about All Track Types. Please contact viasue directly via email at [email protected] for greater detailed info and conversation of what you need but so far its no problem to provide a 2 lane Tyco USB 100% Plug & screw drivers, drills or DIY other than connect the hardware, power up your PC let the Instal CD do its Auto installation and then click "Start Race"......and you will be racing !! Its just that easy &/or {Plug & Play}

    You can save your races and share them or print them out and we can cover any other needs you have including pricing, delivery dates and any other Add On, options you may want....via an email conversation.

    Right now you can find our 4 lane USB PnP systems on sale at for AFX 15" track or AFX slot car lap timers....and you will see our USB PnP systems as well as our Printer Port Systems (non usb system) both types will be found in the ebay search is a link to one of the systems On Sale for a price well below full retail
    We will price your 2 lane well below retail as well !! Please contact VIASUE via e-mail at [email protected] we will do the rest for you

    PS Please visit our web site here is a helpful link
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  • Crazy Bull
    bottom line

    I would like to use this on my 2 lane tyco track. Is this all I need to do so and whats the cost. All I want to do is basic lap count/times with possibly race modes down the road. Also be able to keep track of info in excel. Looking for simplest way to go that I don't need to build. I have working on several different ways with NO success. Tired of piecing together things that don't fit . So in a nut shell can I truly just set this up and play with it? PnP is all I want.

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    How to video

    Once we come out with the DIY offering perhaps you could do a How To Video with a little bit of our actually is very easy to set the usb system up. ....a VIDEO would show just how easy it is to do once you install the sensors correctly :>) we also can build the custom light bridge you will need....

    For our Ho 4 lane printer port systems we offer 100$ or a HO 4 lane printer port system....for a "how to set up video" for the printer port system. There is a very good chance we will select your video for providing support via the video, on our web site , on our set up CD's , you tube etc etc.
    It just needs to be informative and quickly and easily show how to set up the hardware and install race software and show how to set up the race software....Thats it :>)

    You could win and help other DIY ers

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  • bobbyraz49
    Well hopefully someone will put out a video on how to make this work with a wood track !

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    Sensor Placement or Plug & Play

    Hi thanks for asking....all you would need to do after inlaying the sensor is ::
    1) Connect the race system hardware to your PC USB Port
    2) Boot up / Start up your PC
    3) Deny / Cancel any offer from windows to install drivers for the new hardware it found
    4) Put the Cd in the Cd player It will Auto run, Auto Install, Auto Configure for your first race
    5) Than "START YOUR ENGINES" and SELECT RACE and Race

    The hardest part is making and breaking new track, driver and car records !

    About the sensors and your question:: Drill the holes for the sensors as close to the slots or braided power strip inlays, but not so close the car brushes scrape the sensors themselves. Inlay the sensors so they are just below flush to your track surface....they look great and do not leave holes in your track, like other systems that require the sensors to be under the hole, where dust bunnies collect via those holes causing lap issues.

    There is a "ya but" ..... The first systems that we will be rolling out is the 100% Plug & Play system for oem plastic tracks....100% of the build is done by us and includes inlaying the sensors into oem track, including custom oem track sections!

    As demand expresses it's self via questions like yours we will determine If we do or If we don't come out with a DIY version....Which would be plug and play USB Except for the sensors being inlaid into a routed &/or wood track which is the DIY part. We could put one out today BUT we have to be sure to provide reasonable support and have the costly resources available to do that kind of one on one support that is so often sought for by DIY track owners.

    You likely understand that a Plug & Play system will need little support, for set up. People will still need to go through a learning curve about the software and the hardware and will likely need to be pointed in the right direction for answers to their question, from FAQ to direct one on one email support. Direct from the builder of the hardware and direct from the software designer. So you can see we are not just selling parts and saying good luck with your will get top notch support direct from VIASUE and RC....

    DIY can be tricky ...we do not know what you know and you do not know what we know ! So how do we inform you without insulting your intelligence and how do we get what we know into your head efficiently, so you can know what we know as easily as possible??.....This is also to say IF we charged more for our systems we could afford to educate, one on one, track owners as much or as little as they need....DIY = Do It Yourself which also means to EY = Educate Yourself...

    The worst thing we could do to a track owner is provide just the exact info he asks for which then omits any other info he might also learn if he or she was to look & find the info on their own... getting specific info might seem helpful at the moment but it will not help a track owner as much as pointing them in the right direction or point them to the best source of info, and the track owner does the required foot work or learning ....from such places as the software help menu or FAQ, forums, or our web sites etc etc.

    How does that old saying go:: "It is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him a fish" ;>)

    With that said we admit we can not be all things, as needed, by all people BUT we will always strive to either provide the most correct data or best source of information and if not VIASUE or RC than we will point you to the best source we know of to get you the info or parts you need.

    Viasue would also like folks to know is:: Our Plug & Play systems are offered @/or below DIY parts and DIY services for the very same system in DIY form. ....Sorry to say the whole idea of Plug and Play is to take all of the difficulty out of A concept and make the use of that concept as easy and as enjoyable as possible for the and user., yet still provide additional products and services!

    VIASUE has had and still does have a growing selection of DIY parts and units! Please visit VIASUE's web site to see sensor cables and light bridges, including custom builds and offerings etc etc...more is on its way as we make them available.

    As track owners know, DIY is not Plug & Play. They know as well DIY will always require more Q&A or how to info and post purchase support than P&P....P&P actually keeps costs down for track owners Yet we do not want to ignore DIYers projects or needs. It is a reality that DIY slot car track projects should be called Custom DIY Projects...because there is very little one can point at as standard for DIY projects...Sadly, Custom always drives support & prices up...Which is the reality check that is needed to keep players like VIASUE and RC in the game for decades and for future slotters young and old

    Plug & Play has taken everything over...without DIY skills, those track builders / owners will need a huge amount of step by step help and direction, just to get through basic DIY. Sadly DIY also means making mistakes and learning from those mistakes....the school of hard knocks. We will help soften the DIY blows within reason but we can not take the blows or responsibility for the track builder / DIYer ;( .....DIY also means you are liable or responsible for your mistakes and fortunately for your success as well !! Success is a great feeling, which brings DIYers a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction !

    Sorry to go on so much about a simple DIY question or is DIY actually simple ?? I think not so much these days VIASUE has DIY offerings please visit our site and if we dont have what you need please let us know and we will do our best to help you correctly

    VIASUE !
    Please visit VIASUE or RACE COORDINATOR web sites for the best updated info
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  • bobbyraz49
    Please tell me how this system could be incorporated into a 2 lane 1/32 wood track.
    Details such as how it is inserted into wood etc.

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    Testing our USB Solution

    All great news guess is the stink bug saw all of the action and wanted to get in on the race :>)....
    Almost 6000 laps doubled checked by two different sensor types...more or less a double blind test. Great Idea and concept of proof ......ALL IS WELL

    As well a good burn in test of 60 to 90 minute runs for almost 6000 in laps and via 2 different PC using 2 different Sensor types...thats a great acid test / "Burn In" as tech's say.

    Crazy that the usb system was so accurate without a light bridge !! Of course a light bridge is required to chase off any shadows gremlins that could fall on the sensors which would cause a false lap.........we hate shadow monsters.

    Folks should know the system can not work in total darkness without a light can race in 100% darkness using our light bridge....BUT here is a very interesting fact: Regular over head room lighting is about 600 Lux at the table top, enough to race with. But not enough to deny any shadow gremlins....SO we build our light bridge with around 100 times that 600 lux value to 6000 lux and above.

    I personally promise, all track owners, 6,000 Lux will deny the strongest of shadows, that could dare, fall on to the sensors, no matter the scale or track type. When it comes to our light bridges and how powerful they are.......we do not mess around !

    Great news Dave thanks for sharing your fantastic results !!

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  • daufderh
    Just thought I'd post here that I just finished my system stress tests. I hooked up some IR sensors to my parallel port and then on a second computer hooked up our platform. So about 3 feet away on the track I had two completely independent sensor setups. For our platform I set the min lap time to 1 second so that if there was a false detection I'd report it.

    In 3 days of testing (running for 60-90 minutes non-stop each time), I ran a total of about 5400 laps on two lanes. The parallel port recorded 1 less lap than our USB platform. The very first night I tested, I got one false lap on our platform. I did all this testing without a light bridge so it could easily have been a shadow over the sensor (shortly before the false lap I saw a stink bug fly by, I didn't see it go by over the sensor but who knows).

    Even if it was a true false detection, 1 bad lap in 5400 is a very good success rate. A proper min lap time (which by the way should be at least half your normal lap time) would have sorted out the false detection and aside from some "strange" lap times, the lap count would have been spot on...

    All in all, I'm very pleased. I think this is going to be an incredibly easy to use system that will support the full range of features Race Coordinator supports.

    EDIT: Did one more 2 hour test. 1600+ laps on two lanes. That's about 8600 laps with only 1 error...
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    Plug and Play is a demanding standard....there is a lot to live upto and alot to deliver....I have been offering printer port PnP systems for years ....this new platform is so far beyond the past technologies, it is actually very hard to realisticly compare older ports or adapters etc etc. The same for comparing PnP to DIY. 2 very different things...But I am sure there is a blend of options that will provide as plug and play as possible solutions for the majority of users....

    As Dave correctly points out the difficulties is not with our system but with the oem's track its self, for connection points etc etc which is out of our control or realistic pnp support.

    Now days there are hybrids. Perhaps that is what we would call a plug and play solution that requires some hybrid / user hands on / perhaps a screw driver effort by the user but as minimal user effort as the end providing a user friendly set up to reduce support efforts....providing wire connection leads and connectors is the easy part

    PnP is the standard we are focusing on, with the broadest possible user inclusion possible

    Thanks y'all VIASUE
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