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SCI broken in server Update, also taking down our Retail Store.

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  • SCI broken in server Update, also taking down our Retail Store.

    We are trying to resolve issues with our Hosting Company. They switched servers and have corrupted
    the database on both SCI and more damaging to ScaleRacing LLC our Retail Store which has been offline since Monday.
    Hopefully they can resolve these issues very soon as the damage to is costing us Business every day.

    You can get on to SCI with Firefox, but there are still errors. IE Edge and Chrome do not work. Not sure about Apple browsers.

    At you can now finally view the Site again but cannot place orders. Anyone wishing to order please copy and paste into an email and we can process from there by hand.
    Email to as the other email addresses are linked ot the Server which is corrupted.

    Hopefully we will have some good news soon.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Google Chrome access is working again as of this evening (Oct. 28) Hope all is back to working condition soon.



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      Site is up but orders do not complete.

      Thank you to all who have reached out with concern and support during this very difficult time.

      If you are trying to order from my Store please let me know of any issues and what browser you are using.
      I am buried trying to sort this and orher issues created by these problems out.
      Will not be checking SCI much as I need to build cars and ship orders that people have been kind enough to phone in, thank you

      Let me know via if you have placed an order and it errored out.

      Thank you.
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      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.