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Guide replacement for Scalextric with old type clip in guides

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  • Guide replacement for Scalextric with old type clip in guides

    Using a Cadillac LMP and an Lola MG for this.
    The same procedure works if you've broken the chassis at the guide mount.
    Replacing the stock guide like this will make any of the older Scalextric cars into much better performers, especially if you're racing the cars without their 'traction' magnet crutches.

    Stock Lola MG upper chassis, modified Cadillac LMP lower chassis.

    Stock Lola MG chassis above with areas to be modified below. The solid white rectangle areas need to be removed, removing those rectangles leaves the guide mounting very weak. The areas inside the white circles need to be smoothed even with the surrounding guide support area.

    Cadillac LMP chassis shows the the changes.

    Both chassis shown. The picture below shows the area in solid white that needs be smoothed down, this allows for installing a white styrene rectangle, as on the Cadillac chassis. The styrene rectangle strengthens the guide mounting area.

    Cadillac chassis with styrene rectangle reinforcement. This was done a couple years ago. I use gel superglue and baking soda for this type of thing, the repair is stronger than the original.

    With guides installed. Note the added rotation on the left.

    To use the BNova adapter I had to make the Scalextric guide post hole a little bigger, rattail file is good for this. Alternatively I could have simply snapped the guide post hole off the Cadillac chassis. I believe it makes more sense to use the file, if nothing else it has to be stronger.

    I glue the BNovas in place, use shoegoo or something similar. Follw the directions and it's plenty strong.

    Scaleauto SC-1604 guide is near perfect fit in the BNova piece.
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    Nice visual article on this. Thanks.

    Could you explain more about the Superglue and baking soda. How much do you use? Do you aplly the Superglue and add the baking soda. What's the procedure?


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      'Do you apply the Superglue and add the baking soda?'

      Yes. Thin layer of superglue, sprinkle baking soda. Build it up in layers. The baking soda stops the glue from outgassing and acts as kind of 'accelerator' also adds structure/strength to the glue that is otherwise lacking.


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          What a great tutorial! The timing couldn't be better either as I "think" I have cracked my guide mount racing my Lola at the commercial track this week!


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            What is it with Slot it Lola chassis' cracking? My buddy had his brand new chassis crack at our club race two nights ago. Is this a widespread issue?


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              Mine is a Scalextric - not a
              For mine, it has been used for years and I think it was just fatigue from being caught up in various wrecks, etc. Definitely not an out of the box issue.