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Slot.It controller wireless upgrade

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  • Slot.It controller wireless upgrade

    Everything you need to use your Slot.It SCP controller without being tethered to the track.

    132slotcar/Slot.It oXigen Wireless Upgrade A 9volt $199.98

    132slotcar/Slot.It oXigen Wireless Upgrade B Li-Ion $199.98

    SIO202A Slot.It oXigen Digital Radio Cartridridge
    The cartridge cover is yellow not the green shown. The red 'wires' run to one of the battery boxes shown below.

    SISCP201L oXigen Radio Receiver for -SCP Cartridges

    You need one of the two battery boxes here. The -O205A '9volt' will work with any of the Slot.It SCP controllers, the -O205B 'Li-ion' works with the SCP 1.1 and with the SCP 2 controllers.

    SIO205A Slot.It oXigen 9volt Battery Holder (battery not included)

    SIO205b Slot.It oXigen Li-Ion Battery Holder (batteries not included)
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    Do you have the SISCP201f SCP-2 Controller in stock? It shows preorder but they've been available for a bit.



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      In stock it is.


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        Cool deal. Basically getting the wireless in kit form, plus a free battery holder.

        For those considering this, you can get the AAA size li-ion batteries and charger for about $10-20 on Amazon. This solution will have longer continuous run time than the 9v pack. The 9v version, though, is much simpler and convenient 'cus you can get 9v for cheap anywhere so they'd be simple to replace if you had to keep running without spare li-ion batteries on hand.

        To get rid of wires completely, including the one to the battery pack in your pocket, you can get a $30 eFlite rc heli battery and wire it up to the oXigen cartridge. Great battery life and no wires anywhere.