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'Racing' Porsche 956 & 'Gitanes' Matra MS670 in stock

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  • 'Racing' Porsche 956 & 'Gitanes' Matra MS670 in stock

    Late this week two are expected from Slot.It. Re the 'Racing' logos on the Porsche: no the 'Racing' logos are not meant to be removed and there is no hidden logo underneath and yes the 'Racing' is correct for the 1983 Nurburgring race and if you damage/destroy the 'Racing' logos trying to uncover the nonexistent 'Rothmans' logos then no that damage is not covered under any Slot.It/ScalextricUSA/132slotcar warranty.

    Slot.It SICA09G 'Racing' Porsche 956K $69.99

    Slot.It SICA27b 'Gitanes' Matra MS670b $69.99

    These three arrived this week from Scalextric.

    Scalextric C3614 '67 Mercury Cougar $54.99

    Scalextric C3660 Lamborghini Aventador super resistant $39.99

    Scalextric C1349T Bentley GT Raceset $159.99

    One new 1/24 scale car from Scaleauto, the expected 1/32 scale cars have been delayed a bit.

    Scaleauto SC-7061'Total' Audi R8 LMS $169.99

    We expect a whole bunch of cars from Scalextric in September, these first seven are expected on September 2.

    C3590A Classic Collection Peugeot 205 T16 & MG Metro 6R4 $129.99

    C3591A Classic Collection Peugeot 205 T16 $64.99

    C3587A Touring Car Legends Ford XB Falcon $129.99

    C3595 'M-Sport' Bentley Continental GT3 $54.99

    C3605 'Bimecc' McLaren MP4 12C GT3 $54.99

    C3641 'Shell' Peugeot 205 T16 $54.99

    C3643 McLaren P1 $54.99 This is the first of the ProChassisReady cars, these are RTR cars designed to be easily made competitive with the Scaleauto, NSR, Slot.It cars using a soon to be available Slot.It designed chassis and other Slot.It parts.

    The McLaren P1 raceset we expect on September 9

    C1342 Scalextric McLaren P1 Set $149.99

    We've managed to gather a few more of the Contender Series McLaren F1 GTRs from MRSlotcar. With minimal tuning these are fantastic slotcars. Priced at $69.99 each, free shipping to U.S. or to Canada.

    And the bigger news: through August 31 all in stock cars from FLY/FlySlot and from AvantSlot are on sale, 40% off our listed price.

    So the 1/24 scale AvantSlot Porsche you've been meaning to buy can be had for just $90.00.

    Or this gorgeous FLY Viper for just $39.00.

    Plus about a hundred others.

    Complete lists of the sale cars are here:

    Avant Slot 1/24 Scale Cars

    Avant Slot 1/32 Scale Cars

    FLY Car Model


    The fine print, and this is important: shipping will be charged at cost be it inside the U.S. or international, no order that contains any of these sale cars ships for free unless that order also contains at least $100.00 of regularly priced stock. Also I am happy to ship these cars without their display cases, this generally halves the cost of shipping, just let me know you neither want nor care about those cases, email is best: [email protected]

    More fine print: The code that activates the sale pricing is August Thirty One, it is up to you to forward that code, August Thirty One, to me. We have noticed that many times, especially when the orders are payed via paypal, that comments left in the comment box do not transfer when the order is finalized so we do recommend you email the code, August Thirty One, to [email protected] when you've finalized your order. If we don't get that code, August Thirty One, then you will be charged the full price for the cars but you will get free shipping.

    More payment details. When you place the order you will be charged full price for the cars but for orders payed by credit card we will process the charge for the corrected amount so an order for that $149.99 AvantSlot Porsche would be charged $90.00 plus approximately $10.00 for shipping. Orders payed via paypal will be refunded the 40% less the shipping cost so using the AvantSlot Porsche example your paypal would be refunded $49.99.

    Remember: August Thirty One
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    'Racing' Porsche 956 & 'Gitanes' Matra MS670 in stock