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  • Busy the last 3 years

    Sadly I have not had time to post here very often in the last few years.
    With the building of the ScaleRacing Center, to showcase the Hobby of Model Car Racing in Western Washington, my time is taken up running the Center.

    Plus running Distribution and trying to keep both my Retail and Wholesale Store online along with SCI.

    The last 2 years 2015 & 2016 were both rewarding and very disturbing at the same time.

    First the good side of things, the ScaleRacing Center.

    This project was planned over 3 years ago when I saw a worrying trend in my Wholesale Business Scaleracing LLC. We started to see fewer Dealer orders, and then fewer Dealers as more closed their doors. As an important and one time the biggest seller of Slot Cars in North America Fantasy World Hobbies shrank back into their warehouse closing their Retail Store and Track I decided we could wait no longer if we wanted to keep the Hobby visible in this region.
    With the financial help of a great friend we were able to build an 11,000 s/f Retail Center and Distribution Center and Warehouse. This project took a huge amount of my time from mid 2013 through to the opening of the ScaleRacing Center in September 2014.
    The Center has grown every Month since then with 2016 being our best year locally closing with our strongest December ever at the Store.
    However since the end of the summer of 2014 we have seen many of our Dealers close with Fantasy World Hobbies finally deciding to call it a day early 2015. A Store that had been around since the mid 1900's gone.
    I purchased and took over the web domain from Dave the owner and hopefully we are able to continue supporting their local Slot Car Customers for many years to come. The trend of closing Stores has continued not only in North America but Worldwide as the Hobby Industry struggles with ever decreasing profits and virtual dealers created by the Internet.
    The latest to decide they were finished is Hotslots in Illinois also a very big Retail presence and large store with a Track at one time. In recent years the track had gone and the Store downsized and now they have closed for good.
    As the Industry loses physical stores the visibility of the Hobby becomes further removed from the general public eyes.

    These are very worrying times for the Hobby Industry Worldwide and will probably get worse before recovering.

    With all of this in mind Scaleracing LLC has partnered with BRM and will produce 1:24 scale Slotcars in North America in 2017. We have proven that with a real physical location in a good part of town. A clean family friendly Store and working Tracks to demonstrate the Hobby you can grow. We host family events, corporate events, car clubs, birthday parties for all ages and attend important shows where car enthusiasts can be found. To show this fun hobby is still alive and can grow.

    We are excited for the future with the Classic American Muscle cars we have invested in along with BRM to grow the Hobby again in North America. We will continue to look for others who want to take this hobby back to the people. Model Car Racing is a fun hands on game, toy, hobby, collectable that if shown to new users can be very viable even in today's Computer age.

    This is an actual car you are driving with real consequences for your actions. There is no damage off feature to Model Car Racing you are responsible for your actions. Many families rediscovering the thrill of Model Car Racing appreciate that fact. As it teaches children both young and old that you have to control your car. Also you have to interact with others, this is not a virtual game. With Model Car Racing "You Race For Real"

    So as we see the Retail World changing around us we at the ScaleRacing Center are planning to continue to grow locally. To reach out into our Community further and find new racers and players of the fantastic game.
    We will also be looking for other Retail outlets and or locations to join in and grow Model Car Racing. To make this part of American Retail great again.

    We are also looking at restructuring this Site SCI and hopefully updating the software to move this part of Scaleracing LLC forward in 2017.

    To close for now anyone wanting to help or to join SCI please contact me via my phone number listed below. I cannot keep up with the email requests and run my business day to day. Sadly we cannot switch on the member sign in as we are still under constant attack.

    I guess offering a free to the private members site has interest and value and we plan to continue to do just that.

    Happy New Year.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    I agree that it is going to get worse before it gets better........if it does at all.

    The reality is if kids do not get into Slot Cars, the hobby will be dead and gone in less than 10 years.

    If you love this hobby, find a kid that's into toy cars and buy him or her a slotcar set. This is one of the ONLY things that is going to keep the hobby alive.

    and if you really want new products to come out that interest you (and keep the hobby alive), maybe try paying a dollar more for a car from a legitimate slot car retailer instead of scouring the internet high and low for hours on end to save $2 on a slot car from a retailer that has NO INTEREST in this me, you are not "saving" anything.

    Thank you Alan for doing what you do.

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      Hi Alan-

      I would very much like to talk to you about SCI - I will give you a call to discuss - and will try to make it during a 'slow' time --like a Monday???


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        A very sincere perspective on the hobby. May 2017 be your best yet!


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          8 days a week ok only 7 really.

          I work everyday so no one is less or more busy

          Call anytime regarding SCI or this Hobby or even to chat.


          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Alan, thanks for all you do for the hobby and all of us that love slot cars! All the best to you!


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              Any updates on the BRM Trans-AM cars?


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                It must be soon, very soon.

                Spring product launches must be very difficult to schedule in the west as we are dealing with three continents. BRM being a small company from Italy are commissioning the design with help from Scaleracing and manufacture is in China. I think the original chassis were made in Italy for the 24hr race last year. Alan is the US distributer anxious to receive the cars and he can't move before BRM have finalized liveries and thus production. There are enough variables to create a pot mess*. The big Chinese holiday is the new year which must cause all kinds of issues as it falls just before spring right in the middle of BRM's process. Alan will get to this thread. He is a very busy man. I am sure dates and liveries will be firmed up sometime soon with BRM. And at the 24hr race Alan promised spring 2017, I seem to recall.....

                I know this probably does not help much, but they are getting closer and closer. It is a bit like waiting for Alfa to return to the US market!!!!!

                * pot mess a naval term for a real mess as in every thing edible goes into the same pot. We had a flood one time and all the labels washed off the canned food. The only way to know the contents was to open them. The Jimmy(first lieutenant) insisted that only one pot was on the stove for the whole boat to eat from so the cans were simply opened and the contents thrown into the single pot. Beef stew and marmalade hmmmm, novel, tasty...nutritious, ..... not


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                  Alan it's always great to get a perspective. Fully support what you do.

                  As ProStock said, people need to shop local in order for the hobby to grow....

                  Paying the lowest price eventually leads to no selection and eventually no product?

                  Daniel your anecdotes are always enlightening, whether it's Jaguar related or submarines


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                    Batten down the hatches!

                    Originally posted by slotbutton View Post
                    Daniel your anecdotes are always enlightening, whether it's Jaguar related or submarines
                    I'll second that.

                    Those naval meals actually sound like a mess of pottage. And yes, you can say that on SCI!


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                      The biblical reference must be the original source for the "bons mot", and the navy just slightly adjusted it for naval speak.


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                        Getting ready for another day at the Store an update on life.

                        Well when I started this thread I thought I was busy.
                        How wrong I was ��
                        The last year has been a blur, a challenge both physically and mentally.
                        The ScaleRacing Center traffic continues to grow, sales at the Store are up every Month which is great news.
                        The wholesale side of my business has shrunk considerably as more real stores close making this fun hobby I love harder to find.
                        This is making life difficult as sales for lines I import and distribute have shrunk as the Stores and Tracks needed to grow this across America close.
                        The Industry I have dedicated over 22 years of my life to is changing dramatically and we are having to look for other ways to find new customers.
                        One way we have chosen to help get more in North America interested in ScaleRacing is our almost to completion Trans Am project. We are now starting to build cars in Tacoma WA USA.
                        This is very exciting and also creating huge problems with time management.
                        One other challenge for ScaleRacing LLC, which is the parent Company that bring SCI to the web and finances this Site, has been a constant Ddos attack on this Site and my Server. Taking down my Web Sites and costing a lot of hours trying to stop this happening. It has also meant switching off auto sign up to SCI for new members, something I hate doing but have no other option right now.

                        But all of this pales when I watch my right hand man Chris Byng as he continues his fight against Cancer. Chris had another operation in August and since then I have been running the ScaleRacing Center on a very slim staff (me)
                        Chris was working side by side with me 7 days a week as a volunteer and I hope he is strong enough to get back into the Store on a regular basis soon. Hopefully with the Trans Am build and other projects we are working on we can create enough business to reward Chris for his efforts.
                        Also helping out everyday are my wonderful wife Audra my daughter Julia and her boyfriend, my son Trevor and recently John Boggs who is also working as a volunteer right now.

                        I am truly grateful for all the people helping keep the ScaleRacing Center in Tacoma running and growing.
                        I am excited about the future and projects I can not discuss yet but that will help the hobby grow.

                        Now I need to get ready for another day at the Store and prepare for the 24 Hours of Tacoma which starts next Thursday.

                        I hope to see many of you at this Event in the years to come. This is only the begining, we now have 3 Wood tracks a plastic Rally Track and a large oXigen test track. Plus a demo Carrera Digital 1:24 track and a Scale 1:24 1/4 mile Drag Strip.

                        Hopefully soon we can resolve issues with SCI and find more Stores prepared to invest in the Hobby to Showcase Slot Car Racing in their Community which helps it grow.

                        My son Trevor asked what days do I work my answer everyday that ends in a Y, so today I work, he then asked if I was working tomorrow �� clever lad. I will have to try that one someday.

                        Check out the Trans Am cars, let me know what you think I am always here and try to always listen to my customers.
                        This project has been a huge investment in time and money and without support from my parnter in Business and my partner in life none of this would be possible.

                        Thank you to all who help me daily to keep this growing, thank you to all who support my Store as this is what finances SCI. Also a huge thank you ro BRM and especially Davide and Pascal who believed in the the Trans am project and who we are partners with in this exciting new line.
                        Also a huge thank you to Scaleauto and Revo Slot for also believing in ScaleRacing LLC and the ScaleRacing Center in Tacoma as a way to showcase what this Industry can and should be.

                        Check out the latest releases from Scaleauto arriving soon and the fantastic new Revo Slot line another BRM
                        partner who is doing exciting things in this Industry.

                        See you at the Races.

                        Remember it is your hobby too, start a trend tell a friend.
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                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          Those trans am cars are beautiful! They are pricey and being a 1/24 scale that limits your interest. The Revo 1/32 cars my teammate bought 3, plus parts 1/32 bearings etc. Our local track is putting an oval in to attract a different customer. Good luck !