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Carrera Slot Car Track For Sale - No Longer Available

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  • Carrera Slot Car Track For Sale - No Longer Available

    Carrera Slot Car Track For Sale

    Ray ?Flytoo? passed away unexpectedly last year - I'm helping his wife with selling his slot car stuff and all proceeds are going to her. If by chance you feel the asking price is too low and want to put a little extra in, I?m sure she would appreciate it. Or if you think I'm asking too much - make an offer!

    First up is his analog 1/24 - 1/32 Carrera track. He'd recently acquired it second hand but hadn't had a chance to fully set it up yet. I went thru everything and here's what I found. It's a large selection of Carrera straights and curves - plenty to cover two 4x8 sheets along with some borders and guardrail.

    1 - power base track
    2 - power cord connector 'pigtails' for power supplies

    23 - Straights!
    - 1 appears to for a digital track but I think it works fine for analog
    - 1 has 2 small hold drilled - probably for a lap counter/timer setup (not present)
    - 5 have a single tab broken or damaged - doesn't appear to affect track installation as 5 remaining tabs are fine
    - The remainder look to be excellent

    3 - 1/3rd length straights

    16 - 1/60 Curves
    - 1 has some small 'rough spots' on it like something spilled(?) - to me it's no biggee but just sayin'
    - 1 has a single tab broken - but functional otherwise

    6 - full length straight borders
    1 - 1/2 length straight border
    6 - LEFT Aprons (border 'ends')
    6 - RIGHT Aprons (border 'ends')
    9 - 1/60 Outside curve borders
    3 - 1/60 inside curve borders

    A huge quantity of red plastic clips

    There's about 10-12 feet of guardrail in 3 separate sections. 3 ends have triangular 'end pieces' and 3 ends do not. Someone put some motorsport sponsor logos on along with a clear laminate. 1 clip doesn't secure well.

    If interested post or PM. I don't monitor the forum regularly so be patient. I'll figure shipping (not included in price) based on your location. To give you an idea, I've found a large sturdy box and used lots of bubble wrap and foam peanuts and it weighs about 30 or slightly more lbs. It's a not only heavy (lots of track) but big - about 20in X 20in by 12in. Shipping will vary by location of course. If interested, send me your address and I'll get as accurate an estimate as I can.


    List Date: 8/3/2017

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carrera Slot Car Track For Sale
    This item is no longer available.


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    Interested depending on shipping



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      Hi Eric

      Great! PM me your address (and email) and I'll box it up and weigh it for you and get an exact shipping cost.