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Huge lot carrera track SOLD

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  • Huge lot carrera track SOLD

    Hi Guys and Girls
    This is the track that made up my 4 lane 96 ft. Carrera.
    86 straights
    4 shacane
    6 1/4 straights
    4 1/2 straights
    39 outside curve I think they call them the 1/60
    16 inside curve 1/30
    7 half curve same as the 1/30, just half the size
    Bank turs are Carreras lane #3,4,5 and 6.

    Go in my gallery. You will see if you look up close i have landscaped with joint compound right up to the track. This is still stuck to the sides of a lot of the track. Also you will notice I have painted white lines on the out side edge of the track. also I have lane numbers painted on the track. Some areas on my layout were difficult to hold down to the track table because of the extreme elevation changes. These areas where held down with hot glue on the under side of the track. !4 pieces have the power tap wire soldered as I had 7 power taps going to the track. I was going to use the timing sensors again for my new track, but if you get this track from me and need a timing system, it was built by Brent Carlson (very well known on SCI as Mr Bugs) This would make the total straights at 88 pieces. Their are a few broken posts and a couple pieces have minor crack in them. Never been a problem. As a matter of fact my friends are giving me a bunch of crap for taking it down.
    So what I'm getting at is this is definitely used track and if you are handy and willing to use hot glue here and their the lot of track will be a steel at $375.00 plus shipping. I will be offering it on SCI sold as a lot only.
    Thanks for looking
    Pay pal is cool money orders are fine. Matter of fact, i'll take just about anything but Yen.
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    Very interested. Do you have a drawing of your previous layout?


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      I did the layout with tracker 2000. At the moment it is in a computer I no longer use because it was giving me too many problems. A friend of mine says he can retrieve it, not without some difficulty. But it's worth a try.
      If you are looking to do the same layout, you should know that some pieces Did not come up so easy and were damaged. I have already tossed them. I guess there was about 6 or 8. It is a great ride in both directions.
      Check out my thread in the routed track section. I am putting down wood with Magna Braid.
      Also, I have a light sensor timing system that was on that layout. It is not listed with this lot of track. It was built by Brent Carlson (MrBugs) on SCI If you are interested in it I will take a couple photos to show you.

      My buddy will be here this weekend,I hope. He will look at my old computer if you really need that layout.


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        pm ed


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          I would be able to take all your straights but dont need any lane 1 curves I have 20 you can have


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            Originally posted by scrjon View Post
            I would be able to take all your straights but dont need any lane 1 curves I have 20 you can have
            Thanks for looking, but the track was sold this weekend as a lot.