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  • HO Slot cars, track and accessories

    I’ve kept this HO stuff for years thinking I might use it one day. Well that day has never come. So here it is For Sale.
    I have no idea what it’s worth, so to start I’ll just say $1.00 a piece or offer. Shipping at cost to be determined at time of sale.
    I would like to sell it as a lot, but I’m willing to break it up in smaller lots if need be. Here’s what I have.

    The Tyco stuff first.

    2-Power supplies
    2-Modified 9” power sections B5832T
    2-Modified 9” lap counter sections B5863
    12-12” curves R 1/8 circle B5844
    24-9” curves R 1/4 circle B5831
    4-9” curves R 1/8 circle B5846
    32-9” straights B5829T *****10 Straights SOLD.*****
    10-15” straights B5838T *****All SOLD*****

    And the LifeLike stuff.

    1-Power supply
    8-Banked curves
    12-9” Curves
    4-6” Straights
    8-15” Straights
    3-9” Curves
    1-9” Chicane
    1-9” Lap counter
    1-9” Power Section

    All track and accessories are used, but in good shape.

    I have 13 cars in various state of repair. All motors tested and run, most have no tires or cracked tires, bodies all in one piece without major damage. *****SOLD.*****

    I also have a large amount of borders, track supports and signs for around the edge of the track.

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    Are the cars $1 Ea also? If so i'll take them all.

    Also If you do break the lot up can i get:
    10 Ea 9” straights B5829T
    10 Ea 15” straights B5838T

    I think i need a few curves also but have to look. Would love to get all the "reg" track from you but can't spend that much right now, and i have enough power packs and lap counters for 3 tracks

    Thanks Earle


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      Yes the cars are yours for $1 each and I can arrange whatever amount of track you want. Let me know and I'll PM you with shipping costs.


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        Earle are you still interested in the cars and track?


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          if cars havnt gone i want em all and have money now. pm me ill check back later today.


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            Yes sorry for the delay. PM sent VR Earle


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              Earle you have a PM.


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                There has to be some HO guys or gals around here that need some inexpensive track. Grab it while you can!


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                  Thanks Earle. Will ship on Friday.


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                    Make me an offer for the lot!


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                      is it still for sale?

                      if you still have the cars i will take them!!


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                        The cars are gone as per the listing at the top of the thread. I have track and accessories if your interested.


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                          I know this thread is super old but I just joined and live in Guelph too. If you still have any of this stuff please let me know.


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                            If you're unable to acquire any parts via this Thread, maybe start another 'WTB' Thread here.


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                              Cudak9, is any of the cars or Life Like track left? I'm looking for 9" straights and 12"b radius banked curves. I'm not picky of car brand just as long they are running. I tried to PM ya, maybe to new!