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slot it, fly, scx, carrera

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  • slot it, fly, scx, carrera

    All these are for sale or trade. What I am looking for: ninco track, no R2's, Parma 35 ohm controllers, ninco track boarders, any late 70's early 80's Gr5 cars, Fly 935, M1, Beta, etc.

    Merc $65, a few laps, not raced, no damage.

    Fiat, $40., motor pod damaged(was like that when I got it new), hot glued, Runs fine, no issues, otherwise a few parade laps.

    Slaeen, $20, beater, mirrors gone, driver upside down, wing glued on multiple times, gears and motor are good, demo fast car for first time driver.

    Porsche $75, like new, few parade laps, never raced, no issues, nothing missing.(pending)

    wow thats a bad pic, $50.00 Passenger side rear view been glued once, othewise a few parade laps, never raced, running gear good, body like new.

    BMW, $25.beater, motor and gears are good, wing glued on mulitiple times, rear view mirrors gone, again like the Saleen, a loaner fast car,

    908, $75, rear view mirror glue on once, car is great shape but not "new" Body is a 9, motor and gears are good. Very little use. (Sold)

    jag $60, parade laps, rear view on passenger side been glue on once, body in great shape, never raced.

    935 $50, new, never been on the track, if it has I was not aware of it, and it does not show. (pending)

    again looking for group 5 cars and ninco track, ninco loop around, boarders etc.

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    Interested in the 935. Sending you a PM.


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      sending PM on Repsol Porsche


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        Sending PM on Merc and Fly Porsche 908...


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          Fly 908

          I'm interested in the 908 and I have a Fly 935 Numero Reserve white #41 to trade.




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            PM sent RE: Martini Lancia


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              PM sent Fiat