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  • All Done Please Delete

    Just trying to clear out some stuff that is sitting around. Make a reasonable offer on anything you see here. Shipping to Canada and US. Shipping will be at cost. If you have interest in something here leave your zip or postal code, so i can tell you shipping cost. I accept paypal or trades. For trades I like NASCARS of any brand, womps, flexis and parts for any of these cars.
    SOLD Picture#1 is bunch of old unused spur gears. SOLD
    Challenger spur gear 36 tooth 1/8 axle 5/40 thread
    Challenger spur gear 40 tooth 1/8 axle Posi lock hub
    Buz-co Spur gear 42 tooth 5/40 threaded axle
    Buz-co spur gear 34 tooth 5/40 threaded axle 2 of these
    Buz-co spur gear 40 tooth 5/40 threaded axle 2 of these
    Dynamic spur gear 36 tooth 1/8 axle setscrew
    Dynamic spur gear 48 tooth 5/40 thread 2 of these

    SOLD Picture#2 is a bunch of plastic wheels and one complete rear axle.
    They all have tires on them. I don't know what they fit or even how I got them. SOLD

    SOLD Picture#3 is a complete roll of 1/4 double sided tape for applying braid on a routed track. I got it from slotcarcorner. I ordered too much. SOLD

    Picture#4 is a bunch of magnets. One in package is PMTR1055. There also 2 round ones that I think are PM magnets. 7 loose bar magnets different sizes. 10 magnets in total.

    Picture#5 is unopened Scaley Sport lead in/out borders. Black in colour. Part# 8260

    Picture#6 are Paul Gage urethane tires. 2 are brand new. The 2 on the rims have been used and sanded. The wheels and tires are for womps etc... 1/8 setscrew axle. I tried them and decided to stick with silicone coated foams.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Make me an offer. Prices are cheap.


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      Plastic wheels in picture2 are sold.


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        How about $10 bucks shipped for that roll of double sided tape? I am on the road today so If I don't get back to you until later this evening it isn't a snub. If someone else bids higher go ahead and sell it to them rather than wait on me.



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          Flexi or two for the spur gears (#1) if you are interested.


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            Nor Cal Mike and kidvoltage you have PM's


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              Tape has been sold.


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                All spur gears traded to kidvoltage.


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                  still a few items left....


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