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FS: Avant Pescarolo LMP - Le Mans 2006

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  • FS: Avant Pescarolo LMP - Le Mans 2006


    Ive kind of lost interest in this car. I bought it brand new from HotSlots here in town.
    Ive ran maybe 10 laps at the most around they're analog track.
    The only thing i have done to the car was adjust the rear pod and i also adjusted the front axles.

    This car is in mint condition, the only wear marks on the whole car are on the braids and the rear tires. It was never been wrecked. The only time it left its groove in the track was when i would remove it from the track.

    This would be my first Avant Slot, with me being new to the hobby i just dont know enough
    about these cars to set it up correctly.
    I paid $55 plus tax, im asking $43 shipped for the car.
    Will come in the display case it was purchased in.

    I accept paypal and money orders, will also do a local buy if someone local wants it.
    Located in Champaign IL.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested.

    Thank you

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    Anyone interested?

    I'll be using USPS Priority mail to ship.


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      PM you a question!


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        Any offers possibly?


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          PM sent.


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            Anyone interested?


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              Sean, it is so much worth the time and effort to set up these cars! Seriously, if you are not getting offers, take a look in the Avant Slot Forum here for tuneup tips, or give 132Slotcar a call and they will tell you how to get the most out of it!


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                I'll bite. Send me your Paypal. Let me know how much you want in total to send it to Canada.



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                  Hey Greg, Sean is in Illinois. And I already have one of those cars. But if you want to own it for what he's asking, I reckon you're getting a deal.


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                    I like the Avant Slot stuff. A little finicky and frustrating to get them right, but that's all part of the fun!


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                      PM sent