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  • weird motors for sale

    I came across a few of these "hyper" motors. They are the same size as some of my slot motors, although the packaging indicates they were intended for a small, offroad-style R/C buggy. I tested a couple with a 9 volt battery and they work. Check the pics in the album:

    If anyone is interested, let me know.

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    Looks like a standard Mabuchi S can size motor.
    This is a standard motor size used in all sorts of other applications as well as slot racing.
    If it is designed to run on 9 volts, what will happen if it is run on 12v (or whatever you use on your track)?
    It would be expected to run faster and hotter on 12v - difficult to know how much the "and hotter" will reduce it's life expectancy. Guess the only way to find out is to run it in a car.


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      I have a few of the Tamiya mini 4wd motors... The ratings are a bit different from our usual motors, they are typcally rated at ~3 volts, so when you throw 12 at them, WATCH OUT!

      For example, the Tamiya Torque Tuned motor is rated 13.6k at 2.4 volts. That would be 68k at 12v!


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        They are very fast on 12v but these motors ...tend to not have great brakes because they do not have carbon brushes.... they use "finger brushes". They are very cheap and maybe for magnet racing would work OK but for no mag.....Our electronics place has them for $0.98...
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          Good to know. I will eventually get around to putting one in a car but if anyone wants to buy one (or more) I just need shipping and my out of pocket covered. Make me a "cheap" offer.