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  • Sport 4 Lane at reduced price


    I would think this should be worth something. I've lowered price twice. Now $400 and I'll pay the shipping (USPS lower 48) which is probably going to be close to $100. Make me an offer.

    Track has been in storage for the last couple of years. I went through and looked at every piece and 90% of it is good to excelent. A few pieces didn't store as well as I had hoped but it should all be usable. No broken tabs or things like that that I know of.

    I bought it to set up a big 4 lane track in a two car garage (different one each time) and have a race weekend. Take it down and set up a small track in the house. Repeat every few months. So some pieces were used more than other pieces.

    I posted a track diagram on flikr that uses almost all the pieces.

    [ame=""][color=#800080]Sample track | Flickr - Photo Sharing![/COLO"]Sign in to Yahoo![/ame]

    The lane lengths and track size are:

    [ame=""][color=#800080]Track length with all pieces. | Flickr - Photo Sharing![/COLO"]Sign in to Yahoo![/ame]

    I assume you know the scaley track - I could give part numbers if you want them.

    12 #4 radius turns with black borders (total 270 degrees) - Note #1
    34 #3 radius turns with black borders (total 765 degrees)
    10 #3 radius turns without (total 225 degrees)
    4 #2 radius turns with black borders (total 180 degrees)
    12 #2 radius turns without (total 540 degrees)
    4 #2 radius turns 22.5 degrees without (total 90 degrees)
    2 #1 radius turns 45 degrees without (total 90 degrees)
    36 full straights
    6 1/2 length straights
    2 1/4 length straights
    2 1/5 length straights
    2 outter two lane power bases - Note #2
    2 inner two lane power bases - Note #2
    8 straight 1/2 length black borders
    7 run on black borders
    7 run off black borders
    4 Parma 35 Ohm - Note #3
    8 stadard controllers - Note #4
    4 wallwart power supplies
    a lot of regular guard rail

    Note 1 - There is 1 damaged #4 guard rail. Everything else is ok as far as I know. The guard rails are different lengths for the different radii so it's a PITA. I don't know if you could get just this piece anywhere - might have to buy a new border pack to get it.

    Note 2 - I played around with the wiring on these some. I would put all 4 in the track and make it so that you could reverse the track by using the "other" two bases. In other words 2 were for clockwise direction and 2 were for counter clockwise.

    Note 3 - I think 25 Ohm is a little too weak. Used very little.

    Note 4 - I played around with a couple of these and changed the resistance. I think they all still work.

    I get that as 2160 degrees of turns or 3 complete 4 lane circles. 124 pieces of track plus power bases, controllers, borders, etc.

    So that is about $700 of track alone plus borders, etc.

    Thanks for your interest,
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