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    Originally posted by Firewire View Post
    I have done many transactions with Mario and he is a very decent and honest person to deal with, I personally will be looking to purchase many more slot cars from him in the future, I have been in contact with him up to yesterday and due to the type of work he is involved with which I understand at times can take up a serious amount of his time I guess maybe he is a bit behind on the shipping.

    If he's got time to list things for sale ,and time to take your money , don't you think he should find the time to respond to pm's and messages??


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      I accept that there can be unavoidable delays and a lack of response for legitimate reasons. I even realize that sometimes people just forget to do things, with no ill intent.

      Saying something has been shipped when it has not is dishonest.


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        MAB0707 (aka Mario) called me last night, said he has not been able to log onto SCI to update things. He said he has now shipped out everything that was purchased, so you folks should see your goods soon.


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          His status shows that he was on yesterday? and communication is all I am asking. If he is not shipping with in the week that he gets paid he should just let people know when he will be able to ship. Really is just an update to keep people informed that is all. Besides I emailed to his personal email and still have not gotten a response.


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            I'm really surprised that more of the long time members that have purchased from him haven't responded to vouch for Mario. I've ordered several things from him and got it. Sometimes without a single response. As far as I know, he is reputable, more than fair (with his prices, too) and honest. At the very least with me. This is not to invalidate anyone's concerns but more to assure them of their purchases. Give it a couple of weeks.


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              I have bought numerous times from him and talked to him on the phone, Mario is "good people". Sometimes life gets in the way of "toy cars".



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                I just received the car I recently purchased from Mario (Ninco Lexus). I'd like to add that I've known, raced (beaten), traded, bought from and sold to Mario for years and he's a good dude. If something came up, it alwasy helps to communicate if you can and I'm sure he knows this so something must have prevented him from reaching out.

                I do know from speaking to him that his job is CRAZY right now so I'm sure this contributed to the delay.

                I absolutely certain that guys will get what they paid for.