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    Originally posted by fasterslots View Post

    Wanted to know how to update the title in a buy/sell/trade listing?
    Hi, you can update/adjust the Title in any Thread that you have launched, simply by selecting the 'Edit' key/button/whatever you want to call it in your first post, then choosing 'Go Advanced'; after that you'll see the window where the change to your Thread Title can be made.

    Good question, incidentally; all too often, someone who has launched a Thread in BST will later edit out the previous content, without realizing that others who are interested may have been following things, perhaps with a view to purchase (particularly if the price comes down a bit for the items they're thinking of buying). Yet instead of editing the Thread Title to ADD a note that 'items are sold, thank you', or 'price drop', etc, they delete the content and even edit the Thread Title to ask us moderators to delete the Thread! That's just rude, it doesn't consider those who may have been interested (perhaps waiting until payday before acting) and makes unrealistic expectations of moderators, who work here to move things forward, rather than wiping them out.