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1/24th Routed wood track for sale - Los Angeles

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  • 1/24th Routed wood track for sale - Los Angeles

    I am selling my wood routed slot car track. Its 4 lanes of 1/24 or 1/32nd Scale racing, with dead strip timing, and full computer timing system, including F1 starting lights. The track lenght is 131 feet per lane, and is setup for conversion to digital. All hand routed.
    The track is about 26' x 17' L-Shape, with the 17' part being 10' wide and the 26' part being 8' wide. It is all setup to be retracted into my ceiling, so if you have a strong enough structure, you can hang it.
    Here are some videos of it.
    Best way would be to cut it at the L-corner, where the steel subframe is connected to each other.

    Here is the build thread


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    You just finished this... My buddy and I were just talking about your track last night..


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      Better question is why are you selling it after all your hard work to get it going ??


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        My guess is--it's too big for good racing! But it's a very nice track if you have the room to play! It's not going to be easy to move it--I don't think he built it with "modular" in mind.


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          Reason why I am offering it because I just got a long term job in Rochester, MI. So most likely I won`t be back here for at least 5 years at the earliest. I feel bad about it just hanging under my patio. The track itself runs great, you can watch the videos on it, and as far as size, there are 2 crossovers, and a squeeze, we had tons of fun on it with 4 cars. And its even cooler with the 1/24th scale Scaleautos. Corners are increasing and decreasing radius, so its more then just memorizing controller pulses, all the lanes are organically flowing.
          I also have 19 lane switches in it, you just have to add the solenoid and circuit to it, to go full digital and race 20 cars on it. I haven`t seen to many tracks that can take full advantage of 20 cars.
          The track can be separated at the inside point of the L-Shape, the steel bars are bolted together there. I just have to add the matching cut across the lanes on top and add a break in the braid, but thats a 1 day job, and I have some extra braid for it.


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            So is it really 16x8 and 17x10 if you separate it? That is an amazing track. I wish you luck in your new job. Sorry to see you leave the area even if it is temporary.


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              Congratulations on the new job!! Too bad you have to sell the track--digital with 20 cars would be WILD!! That would fill up all those long sections and keep the racing REALLY interesting!! And marshaling digital is cake--ya just slam the car back into any lane!!
              Heck--that tracks big enough--get two buddies together--seperate it and build TWO tracks out of each section!!


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                This is a fantastic Track

                I have run on Christian's track and have to say it is a lot of fun. Certainly a track I would recommend if you have the room.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.