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  • SCX, Carrera, Scalextric - track, cars, bike

    Hello all,

    I have a few things that have been taking up space that need to be sold or traded. I have not yet worked out my prices, but I should have them posted within the next day or so.

    If you would like to make an offer, please feel free to do so.

    I would be happy to split up the track into reasonable sized lots eventually, but would prefer to sell it in one go.

    Shipping comes from the Chicago area, and any shipping overcharges will be refunded. (you will pay cost only)

    I prefer PayPal.

    The cars and bike are new.

    I am a SCX Digital racer, these are the last parts of my analog collection. The track varies from lightly used to new.

    Please feel free to pm me or post in this thread.

    Now, on with the show. . .

    Carrera, Camaro with removable hood with full engine inside SOLD
    SS 396
    SCCA 1973
    Never run

    SCX, Moto GP Honda
    Rider: Pedrosa
    Mint in Sealed Package

    Scalextric 1969 Dodge Charger SOLD
    Opened, But Never Run

    SCX / Scalextric track available:
    1- 3 part squeeze track
    2 crossovers
    6 full straights
    13 bank supports
    6 outer outer curves
    14 outer and/or banked curves
    1 sealed package of 8 standard curves
    29 standard curves
    8 guard rails
    2 controllers
    1 analog power supply

    Thanks for looking,

    Ahab out . . .
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    $43.99 for the Carrera Camaro, plus the cost of shipping. SOLD

    $36.99 for the SCX, Moto GP Honda, plus the cost of shipping.

    $30.99 for the Scalextric 1969 Dodge Charger, plus the cost of shipping. SOLD

    $74.99 for the entire SCX analog / Scalextric classic track lot, plus the cost of shipping.

    Thanks for your patience,

    Ahab out . . .
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      What of the SCX track has the power line in it. What would you want for said parts.


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        The track is analog track, and is no longer in production. It has the round type of connectors, and it would need adapter tracks to connect to power line or universal SCX track.

        This type of track was designed without a power line.

        Ahab out . . .


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          i need eight standard used curves and all your used
          (6) straights ---- could we do that for 12 plus 16 =28


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            PM sent to Wood#21.


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              PM sent


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                Prices of the remaining items have been lowered.

                Ahab out . . .


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                  Do you still have the guard rails

                  If so I am interested...



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                    Would be interested in your track, if still available.

                    PM sent...